Gen. Scott A-Sleep.


Gen. Scott a-Sleep.

O! they’re all dreaming, dream dream, dreaming,
For they’re all dreaming away at Washington.
O! ’tis such glorious fun. O! to see the devils run,
And scamper far and near before a Southern gun,

For we’ve got them in a fix. and can chop them down like sticks,
They are a sorry set—we had rather give them kicks,

If you had not been so rough, we would not have been go tough,
When you come a little nearer you’ll cry you’ve had enough,

O! it is so very funny, you can eat your bread and honey,
But you pay your soldiers off, because you’ve got no money,

That this war had ne’er began, O! a dirty risk they ran,
When they meddled with that mettled set, who will fight them
to a man,

That their pride must fall away, that they cannot win the day,
They must sink into submission, for they find it will not pay,

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    Still Image
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    22 cm x 15 cm
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