Southern War Song


Southern War Song.

Ye patriots, hear your country’s call;
Your South’s invaded—leave your all,
And go, repel the invading band.
Their leaders swear destruction dire;
They come with rifle, sword, and fire,
To desolate and waste your land.

Go meet them at the very door,
And as your sires have fought before,
With deadly fires driver back their hosts.
Convince the world by actions now
That freemen dwell in all our coasts.

Think of your altars and your homes,
And of the consecrated domes
Whence prayers for your success arise.
Think of the fair you’ve left behind,
The good, the virtuous, and the kind,
And look for victory from the skies.

Remember that you’ re in the right,
And trust in God, and bravely fight,
And He will give your arms success:
And when your bloody work is done,
And you a glorious peace have won,
We ‘ll all the God of battles bless.

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