Additional Words to "Maryland"


Additional words to “Maryland.”

Bride of the noble Chesapeake
Maryland, sweet Maryland,
What means the blush upon thy cheek?
Maryland, sweet Maryland.
Alas! with base, ignoble power,
The Tyrant smites Columbia’s flower,
And o’er taee clouds and darkness lower,
Maryland, sweet Maryland.

Thy harp is on the willows hung,
Maryland, sad Maryland,
And Falsehood seeks to chain thy tongue,
Maryland, sad Maryland;
But Truth will yet thy wrongs reveal,
And human hearts that truth will seal,
’Mid [?] elang of arms and clash of steel,
Maryland, sad Maryland.

Thon wilt nor own the Oppressor’s might,
Maryland, bold Maryland,
Thou’lt spurs his hold and dare the right,
Maryland, bold Maryland!
What though awhile in base control,
His triumph ear upon thee roll,
He cannot manacle the soul
Maryland, bold Maryland.

The blood of all thy martyred slain,
Maryland, brave Maryland,
Shall surely not cry out in vain,
Maryland, brave Maryland!
Hark! from the Dungeon’s loathsome wall,
Thy noble sons in bondage call—
Say, shall their smother’d cry be all?
Maryland, brave Maryland.

No, no, thou It be no sowering slave,
Maryland, proud Maryland,
While beat for thee warm hearts and brave,
Maryland, proud Maryland.
Thou will not vandal trust afford,
While thousands wait thy beekoning word,
And Janifer can wield a sword,
Maryland, proud Maryland.

Oh, lift again thy queenly brow,
Maryland, bright Maryland,
Though with eyed garlands crow thee now,
Maryland, bright Maryland.
That forehead fair so dimmed and scarred,
Will yet shine bright and Glory-starred,
To meet the conquering Beauregard,
Maryland, bright Maryland.

We will not say farewell to thee,
Maryland, dear Maryland,
A faithful mother thon wilt be,
Maryland, dear Maryland.
We only ask that hand in hand,
With old Virginia thou wilt stand,
And spurn the invader’s hireling band,
Maryland, dear Maryland.

Blessings upon thy noble head,
Maryland, my Maryland,
Thine altarares are not dead,
Maryland, my Maryland.
There is a God who rules the free,
Who bursts the chains of tyranny,
Whose arm will yet deliver thee,
Maryland, my Maryland.

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