The Battle of Manassas


The Battle Of Manassas

“Now glory to the Lord of Host!” Oh bless and praise His Name.
That He hath battled in our cause, and brought our foes to shame:
And honor to our Beauregard, who conquered in His might,
And for our children’s children won Manassas bloody fight!
Oh! Let our thankful prayers ascend our joyous praise resound.
For. God the God of victory our untried nag hath crowned.

They brought a mighty army to crush us with a blow,
And, in thoir pride, they laughed to scorn the men they did not know;
Fair women came to triumph, with the heroes of the day,
When “the boasting Southern rebels” should be scattered in dismay.
And for their conquering Generals, a lordly feast they spread;
But the wine in which we pledged them, was all of ruby red.

The feast was like Belshazzar’s—in terror and dismay.
Before our conquering heroes their Generals ran away.
God had weighed them in the balance, and His Hand upon the wall
At the taking of Fort Sumter had foredoomed them to their fall.
But they would not heed the warning, and scoffed in unbelief,
Till their scorn was changed to wailing, and their laughter into grief!

All day the tight was raging, and, amid the cannon’s peal,
Rang the cracking of our rifles, and the clashing of our steel;
But above the din of battle, our shouts of triumph rose,
As we charged upon their batteries, and turned them on our foes!
We staid not for our fallen, and we thought not of our dead,
Until the day was ours, and the routed foe had fled.

But once our spirits faltered.—Bee and Bartow were down.
And our gallant Col. Hampton lay wounded on the ground.
But Beauregard, God bless him! led the legion in his stead;
And Johnson seized the colors, and waved them o’er his bead.
E’en a coward must have followed, when such heroes led the way.
And no dastard blood was Sowing in Southern veins that day!

But every arm was strengthened, and every heart was stirred,
When shouts of “Davis! Davis!” along our lines were heard;
As he rode into the battle, the joyous news flew fast,
And the dying raised their voice, and cheered him as he passed.
Oh! with such glorious lender, in Cabinet and field,
The gallant Southern chivalry will die, but never yield!

But from the wings of victory, the shafts of death were sped,
And our pride is dashed with sorrow when we count our noble dead.
Though in our hearts they’re living—and to our sons we’ll tell
Mow gloriously our Fisher and our gallant Johnson fell;
And the name of each will cherish, as an honor to his Stale,
And teach our boys to envy, and if need be meet their fate.

“Now glory to the Lord of Hosts!” Oh! bless and praise His name.
That He hath battled in our cause, and brought our foes! to shame:
And honor to our Beauregard, who conquered in his might,
And for our children’s children, won Mantissas bloody fight;
Oh! let our thankful prayers ascend, our joyous praise resound,
For God! —the God of Victory! our untried Flag hath crowned!

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