Dedicated to the Baltimore Light Artillery, CSA


Dedicated To The Baltimore Fight Artillerg Csa

1. The Maryland Boys are coming,
Dost hear their stirring drum?
Our homes are now before us,
Dear mother, we will come.

2. Old North Point’s brilliant story,
Still cheers us every man;
Our banner led to glory,
Waves proudly in the van.

3.At Guilford and Long Island,
The Old Line stood the shook;
Our fathers struck for freedom,
And stood firmly as a rock.

4.Our mothers, sweethearts, sisters,
The fond but absent wife;
All look to us for succor,
Then strike while there is life.

5.Let our motto be “DEAR MOTHER,”
They can kill, but nothing more;
Our name will live in story,
Then strike for Baltimore!

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