All Spice; or Spice for All


All Spice; or Spice for all.

The people endure all,
The Hydropaths cure all,
The Republicans sway all,
The Contractors flay all,
New York it must pay all,
The Despot affirms all,
The Senate confirms all,
Wise Dahlgren instructs all,
McClellan conducts all,
The Cabinet conceals all,
But Some Traitor reveals all,
Baltimoreans doubt all,
And then wisely scout all,
The Union Men flout all,
But Johnston will rout all.

‘Ward Beecher defiles all,
‘Winter Davis reviles all,
George Dodge deceives all,
While McPhail conceives all,
The American receives all,
Nathaniel Banks tries all,
But Jeff’ Davis outvies all,
Tommy Hicks he recants all,
Beauregard enchants all,
While Louis Nap crams all,
Old Johnny Bull damns all,
B. F. Butler will fly all.
Then like Hicks deny all,
Government misguides all,
But the author derides all!

The Preachers will bless all,
The sneaks will confess all,
Victories will please all,
Defeats will tease all,
The taxes will squeeze all,
General Wool will abuse all,
General Dix will refuse all,
General Jackson defies all,
The Telegraph outlies all,
Though Chase he will gas all,
The “Green backs’’ won’t pass all,
Though Seward suppress all,
His death won’t distress all,
Abe Lincoln will crave all.
But Jeff Davis will brave all!

To Richmond would rush all,
Did not Fear crush all,
The “Clipper” details all,
The “Herald’’ assails all,
The “Sun” still retails all,
The Old Line will drive all,
Horace Greeley contrive all,
Though Belger disburse all,
He roundly will curse all,
The Dodgers will spy all,
But Old Welles will buy all,
The Virginia will sink all,
And make Yankees blink all,
The papers may lie all,
But Southrons won’t die all.

Despatches won’t kill all,
Though the papers they fill all,
The North it must feel all,
Though Cameron did steal all,
Our Legislature repeal all,
John Findlay out blows all,
‘Bout NOTHING he knows all,
Wm. Price won’t surprise all,
But we Matthews despise all,
Bold (?) Fiery still moves all,
For dear Niggers he loves all,
Fremont will outrun all,
And then he has done all,
The Foreign News scares all.
But General Price dares all.

While Seward befools all,
Through Lincoln he rules all,
Storms will retard all,
Newspaper praise lard all,
These sad TRUTHS are hard all!
Bull Run will daunt all,
Though the “Stars and Stripes” flaunt all
Our Ladies outshine all,
But to know Yankees decline all,
Though Congress are asses all,
Still specie surpasses all,
U. S. Grant demands all,
But Halleck commands all,
For assistance we wait all,
Vile Yankees we hate all.

Van Nostrand will fear all,
But Old Abe will jeer all,
Langnecker will tell all,
But Yankees will sell all,
The South it will whip all,
But this war will strip all,
Get ready to die all,
For Death yon can’t fly all,
The Devil will have all,
For nothing can save all.

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