The Union Yankee Doodle


The Union Yankee Doodle.

Jeff Davis you’re a funny man,
To think you’ll rule the nation;
No Southern rights, nor Southern fights
Can land you at that station.

Just lay your schemes wide as you please,
With deep and obscure view, sir,
There’s nothing in our way but what
A Yan-key can undo, sir.

You can’t throw snuff into our eyes,
We Yankee’s are too cute, sir,
Just recollect we’ve got the best,
And Scott-ish snuff to boot, sir.

Pray keep your bragging minions still,
Or you shall taste our stuff, sir,
You won’t take much, I’ll tell you why,
One pinch will be enough, sir.

All little dogs will bark you know
That are afraid to bite, sir,
You’ll always find them sneaking home
When they’re called out to fight, sir.

So back! you rebel in your ken,
Defile not Union soil, sir;
Your servile minions are not fit,
To share its meanest soil, sir.

Our Anderson was brave and true,
Unto his Country’s flag, sir—
But time will bring his praise to light,
There’s nothing in a Bragg, sir.

The South may raise her cotton. Jeff
To fill our factories full; sir—
We’ll buy it out of charity
We’re satisfied with Wool, sir.

You’ve had your day in Baltimore
You frightened half the town, sir,
But Jeff it didn’t take us long,
To cut your Kane break down, sir.

And when we come to go down South
To conquer in the wars, sir,
We’ll plant our spangled banner there
And make you all see stars, sir.

Our Union girls are loyal too,
Their hearts go with their hands, sir,
And these are pledged to hold our flag
Long as the Union stands, sir.

And stand it will while time shall last,
With not one link to sever—
Then sound aloud through all the world,
Our Union now—Forever.

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