The Virginia's Knocking Around


‘The Virginia’s Knocking Around.’

’Twas on a windy night in March,
In a chamber lone at Washington;
That Seward sat as white as starch,
Quite panic stricken in Washington!
For the news he’d got by telegram,
That in Hampton Roads a Southern Ram
Had played the D——I with “Uncle Sam,”
And this scared Bill in Washington.

He hurried on his old grey coat,
And thro’ the mud of Washington,
He rushed as if the “Rebel (?)” boat
Was just in sight of Washington.
With rapid strides he gained the door
Of Abe, who roused from pensive snore
Cried, as he shambled ’cross the floor,
“Sure somebody’s hurt” in Washington.”

“Hurt,” said Seward—all in a heat,
From his hurried race thro’ Washington,
“Put on your “cap”—or you’ll be beat
From Washington, lost Washington!
For Jeff. is out in the Merrimac,
He’s laid the “Congress” on her back;
And driven the “Cumberland” off the track
And will chase US yet out of Washington.”

Poor Abe—bewildered seized the “cloak”
Which once had brought him safe to Washington,
And seeing in fancy already the smoke
Of the Merrimac steaming to Washington,
With Seward was making his way to the street,
Softly passing the door of his helpmate sweet,
Whom with “Bob” and the children were all to meet,
The dangers that menaced Washington.

They thought her asleep, but the dame was awake
To all that was passing in Washington;
And opening her door, she stepped out to take
From the terrace a survey of Washington.
With her shawl on her shoulder, she stood on the stair;
Both amazed and alarmed she confronted the pair
Rushing past her in haste with a terrified air,
For a midnight walk OUT of Washington.

“Which way are you going?” asked Mrs. L.,
Are you running away from Washington;
Why Abe! what’s the matter? you don’t look well!
Pray tell me who’s hurt in Washington?
Grim Seward kept silence but Old Abe replied,
“Mrs. L. all is up! For GOD’S on the side
Of the South—and we’re only taking the tide
That’s hurrying us fast from Washington!”

Then you’ll you’ll go by yourself—as you did once before,
But I shall remain in Washington!
For with “Bobby”, and “Wykoff” and a few hundred more,
You shall see what I’ll do in Washington,
I’ll present the cold shoulder to Sumner and Hale,
I’ll turn out Old Butler and shiver the blade
Of each thieving Yankee who’s making this raid
On my comfort and peace in Washington.

Old Abe looked bewildered and Seward aghast
As the Brigadieress of Washington,
Spake thus with such scorn of the deeds of the past,
Now bearing their fruits in Washington,
Their courage revived,—their color returned,
“Cap and cloak” thrown aside, Old Abe’s heart now burned
To wear some of those laurels by Jeff so well earned
Since he shook off the dust of Washington!

Quoth he, “Bring me a rail and I’ll take command!
Of the army now in Washington;
I’ll wipe out the South,—I’ll not stay my hand
’Till Jeff is secure in Washington.
I’ll take Draper and Greely’s five “Nigger Brigade”
Then in Richmond and Charleston I’ll see that they’re paid
Far better than by the small contracts they’ve made
For shoddy and “ships” at Washington.

The order went forth ’twas no longer concealed
From the anxious hearts in Washington;
That the army was moving, Old Abe in field
Though peacefully snoring in Washington.
The river is crossed, and Manassas is won,
Its log-guns all captured! yet another Bull Run
Waits but his approach to extinguish the “Sun”
Of the valiant (?) commander from Washington.

The scene is changed—in a prison drear,
Far far away from Washington;
Long severed srom friends and kindred dear
By the will of the Tyrant at Washington.
A sad band of captives—gather around
And list to the tale whose joyful sound,
Proclaims the FREEMEN still are found,
Who dare defy e’en Washington!

Wallis, than whom no nobler heart
Beats ’mong the hosts at Washington;
Scott, who has chosen the prisoner’s part
Rather than bend to Washington.
Warfield, and Harrison, Howard and Kane,
With glowing breast repeat the name
Of the Maryland hero now covered with fame,
Who’s cast a gloom o’er Washington.

While they tell of Buchanan whose prowess bold,
Has startled the despot in Washington;
And mourn o’er the dead, whom the waves enfold,
Safe from the foe at Washington.
Their hearts beat high, as they think of the time
When by Southern hands, unstained by crime,
Their bonds shall be loosed, and their names shall shine
Far above the heroes (?) of Washington.

Courage brave heart! there’s a gallant band
Whose flag shall yet wave o’er Washington;
Your wrongs they’ll avenge, when from Dixie’s land
Their march will be “ONWARD TO WASHINGTON!”
With God on their side they’ll come to the aid
Of Old Maryland chained tho’ she be and betrayed,
Then they’ll wipe out the stains the invaders has made
When they place Jeff in the White House at Washington.

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