Alls Well, Come to the Rescue.


Song. Alls Well, Come To The Rescue.

One night of late I chanced to stray,
Being in the pleasant sweet month of May,
When Americans did their Flag display,
The moon shone in the deep,
Its on a bank that I sat down,
To hear the woodcock cooing around
The surges of the ocean wild,
Hushed me fast asleep.

I dreamed, I saw brave Governor Wise,
Who did the republicans first subdue,
That mighty marsh, the rope he drew.
And those words he said to me:
“The band melodiously shall sound
When Southern sons shall be unbound,
On Washington’s day, they will dance around,
The blooming cotton tree.

I thought brave Beauregard drew up nigh,
And presently mode this reply,
“For Southern cause, I’ll live or die,
As thousands died before,
My sword again, in Virginias’ plains,
Our Southern rights, we shall obtain,
Or if not, I like Washington,
Will leave thousands in their gore.”

I thought Jeff Davis stood on the ground,
And said I will your monarch crown,
Encompassed by the South all around,
Already for the field.
He raised a flag and thus did say,
“Brave boys we’ll show them gallant play,
Let no man dare to run away,
But; die before they will yield.”

Mr. Johnston he came there,
From old Kentucky I declare,
He brought Georgia, Carolina and Mississippi,
That day at his command,
Tennessee and Texas they did join
The Marylanders, crossed the line,
Alabama and Florida, they also joined,
With Missouri to a man.

Jeff Davis on the hill of slain,
He drew a sword, both short and keen,
And swore by all his eyes had seen,
He would revenge the fall;
For Southern sons and daughters brave,
They nobly filled the martyrs grave,
And die before they would live enslaved,
Their blood for vengeance call.

When brave Beauregard he did walk out
Along the line, he raised a shout,
Quick march my boys, to the right about,
With bayonets fixed, they all marched out,
Already for the foe,
Our chieftains pitched their camps with skill,
With cannons placed on every hill,
And pikesmen did their valleys fill,
To strike the fatal blow.

Jeff Davis came on the hill of slain,
He looked around on every side,
One foeman could not see,
Excepting what was dead and wounded lay,
Not able for to run away,
When I awoke it was clear day.

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