The Army of General Lee


The Army Of General Lee.

We will sing to the praise of the brave and the true,
Who still have the rights of their country in view,
And have fought to defend her—who else could it be
But the gallant old army of General Lee?

Dark was the hour when the foe’s grand army so strong,
‘Neath the wiley McClelland came boldly along;
But our flag waved before them, defiant and free,
‘Till routed they fled from the army of Lee.

Who’s not proud to remember Manassas’ proud field,
Where the foe’s vast columns were forced for to yield,
Like frightened deer from the hounds they wildly did flee
From the veteran legions of General Lee.

And on Fredericksburg’s heights, who does not remember,
There on the cold ground, that wintry December,
We lay till the foe, like the waves of the sea,
Were dashed back from the columns of General Lee.

And on many a field together we have stood,
And in many a contest we’ve poured our blood,
And we have still met the foemen with one to their three,
But they’ve never seen the backs of the army of Lee.

Wherever you go through the wide sunny south,
The praise of our army you’ll hear in each mouth,
You’re sure of a welcome, though a stranger you be,
When you say you belong to the army of Lee.

And the maidens, God bless the dear girls, they will say
Our loves are fighting the foe far away;
There’s a smile on her lip, there is pride in her eye,
When she says he belongs to the army of Lee,

Let us stand to our country, and in God be our trust,
Till the right it shall conquer, as conquer it must,
And when we go home, O how proud we shall be,
To say we belong’d to the army of Lee.

And when history shall speak of that patriot band,
Who so long for the rights of their country did stand;
How our hearts will swell proudly when thinking that we
Made that gallant old army of General Lee!

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