Virginia--A Battle Song


Virginia!---A Battle Song!!

The cloud is dark,-the storm is nigh,
The foeman's step advances,
Unsheath thy sword,-uplift thine arm,
And dare his glittering lances.
What though his numbers Legion be,
His banners proud and gay,-
God will defend the right, and who
His mighty arm may stay.

Thy heart is bowed, thy cheek is pale,
Thy tears thou canst not smother;
I know the dart that pierced thy heart,
My own, my gentle mother.
Those whom thou trusted, did betray,
And mocked thy censure mild,-
"How sharper than a Serpent's tooth,
To have a thankless child."
Up noble Queen, &c.

There are, whose life derived from thee,
The brave, the fondly cherished,-
Who for thy welfare and thy weal
Have dared to do,-and perished.
There are, whom thou hast nurtured long,
From whom thou'rt loth to part,
Whose hands now turn to aim the blow,
The death-blow at thy heart.
Up noble Queen, &c.

And shall we see thy glory fade,
Thy splendor soon departed,-
Shall tyrants smite and vassals rule
Thy children, broken-hearted?
No, no, we'll seize the burnished blade
That seeks thy royal life,-
We'll up and arm us for the fray,
We'll conquer in the strife.

Yes, yes, thy faithful sons will still
Thy truth and honor cherish,-
We'll guard the soil that gave us birth,
Drive back the foe, or perish.
True to the sacred trust we hold
Our Fathers' memory,-
Come weal or woe, or life, or death,
We will be true to thee.
Up noble Queen, &c.

Home of my heart,-may Heaven withhold
The hand that for another
Would darkly seek to lay thee low,
My mother, oh! my mother;
HERE on thy soil-thy hallowed soil,
My earliest steps were led,-
Here passed my childhood and my youth,
And here repose my dead.
Up noble Queen, &c.

Deign righteous Heaven to bless for aye
The homage that I render,-
Uphold her now, for whom my prayers,
My life, my all, I tender.
Oh, save from spoil her homes and hearths,
Her rivers and her rills,-
Her mountains old, her vallies fair,
Her forests and her hills.
Up noble Queen, &c.

Home of my heart, dear native State,
Thy Star, how brightly burning!
Still homeward lures the wandering steps
Of wayward feet returning
I would that every alien eye
Might yet invoke its beams,
Till penitential tears would swell
Our meadows and our streams.
Up noble Queen, &c.

I would that all who bear thy name
Might faithful be forever,
Nor time, nor place, nor circumstance,
Thy common household server.
That one united, all might stand,
Nor tyrants dare to part;
Brothers in fealty and in name,
Aye, doubly so in heart.
Up noble Queen, &c.

Hark, hark,-o'er mountain, vale and glen,
The distant thunders rattle,-
The foe, the foe, is at our door,
Up brothers, to the battle.
He comes,-above our native hills,
His flaunting banners wave,-
Up brothers, to a Victor's palm,
Or to a Freeman's grave.
Up noble Queen, &c.

LYNCHBURG, March, 1862.

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