Carrier's Address to the Readers of the "Arkansas Patriot"


Carrier’s Address. –to the– Readers –of the– “Arkansas Patriot.”

Dear folks who take the “Patriot,”
So neat; so clean, so trim,
Forget not, on this New years d[?]
Forget not––little JIM.

Give me for Eighteen Sixty-three,
A welcome and a smile;
We’ll work the harder to amuse
And leisure hors beguile.

Tho’ we are young, we’re very proud,
We’re not a conscript yet;
If so, we’d face the music fast;
And make on that a bet.

We yield to none in ardent love
Of all that men hold dear:
For home, for Right, for Liberty–
We’d fight ‘till death, that’s clear.

Then, fling abroad our country’s flag!
March on, with manly strides,–
Remember, that its motto reads
“Our homes and fire–sides.”

Arm to arm, and breast to breast,
Reply the hated foe!
And strike as freemen only can,
The surest deadliest blow.

Remember yet the gallant band.
Whose struggles none may tell;
Who yet on bloody, bat’e fields,
Fight ever, and fight well.

‘Twere idle to narrate in full
This fierce and bloody war,
Or trace the red and gory tracks
Of Abolition car.

To Him who rules supreme above,
Who hears the orphans prayer,
We plead our cause, present our claims.
And wait his verdict there.

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