M'Clellan's Defeat


M’clellan’s Defeat

The “Young NAPOLEON” of the North,
Resolved to lead his armies forth,
And “On to Richmond!” was the cry,––
To take the city, or to die.

He vaunting swears, “no more retreats,”
From “rebels” foes “no defeats,”
And made his silly dupes believe.
Then fortunes soon he would retrieve.

His num’rous host in grand array,
Now “on to Richmond” take their way;
With cautious step they move along,––
A mighty and o’erwhelming through

Their gun-boats first they send before,
The route by water to explore,
But soon they learn to their regret,
The way’s with secret snares beset.

And now these turn their sterns up stream,
And downward push with all their steam,
Deeming it best by far to stay
No longer than to get away.

But still proceeding on by land,
MCCLELLAN marched his army grand,
White pick and axe, and hoe and spade,
Their ramparts and entrenchments made.

Their strong positions having gained,
They thought that nothing now remained,
But only to begin the fray,
To make the “rebels” run away.

The Yankees State, with ears erect,
A joyful vict’ry soon expect,
While LINCOLN and his clan prepare
To dwell awhile in Richmond air.

But while the Yankees wait the word,
The din of battle loud is heard;
The “rebels” dash upon their right,
And hurl it back in wretched plight.

A Yankee group, in spirits high,
Rejoiced that JACKSON was not nigh,
For in the Valley, sure, they thought,
The daring hero now was caught.

But while they thus each other cheer,
A ball comes thund’ring in the rear,
And crashing, smashing thought the hall––
Great God! Cries one, that’s “Old Stonewall!”

Then such “skedaddling” ne’er was seen,
Nor anywhere perhaps has been;
Such as no mortal pen can show,
And only frightened Yankees know.

“Away from Richmond!” now they cry,
While heaps on heaps their slaughtered lie
And in their ranks confusion reigns,
As wild they scamper o’er the plains.

Whatever might prolong their stay,
In panic wild they cast away,
While smoke and flame with lurid glare,
Ascend and mingle with the air.

At length, besmeared with dust and blood,
They reach the noble James’ flood,
Rejoicing for at last a pause
From the pursuing “rebels” claws.

And this the “Young NAPOLEON” deems
A “brilliant feat” in warlike schemes––
From Richmond to be chased away,
And spared to run another day.

‘Tis thus the Yankee strives in vain,
The “rebel” Capital to gain;
The more he “on to Richmond” goes,
The more he meets unlucky blows.

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    Shelton, Wm. J. (William J.)
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