Lines Respectfully Dedicated to the Anderson Volunteers.


Lines Respectfully Dedicated To The An- Derson Volunteers.

Forth to the swelling breezes
Fang ye the Stars and Bars,
Fair ladies to their folds have given,
Gems like refuleant Mars:
And may you [ILL]
Where’er abroad ye go,
And every son of Anderson greets you as
yon go.

Away on rolling billows,
Perchance to Yankee land,
Light hearted, gay and buoyant,
They go a gallant band,
They go our noble children,
Free as the surges flow,
And the ladies too, of Anderson, greets
them as they go.

They leave to aid their brothers,
From their prairie encircled home,
Where nymphs than Ocean Neireads,
Far sweeter ever roam;
Whose thrilling prayers pursue them,
While, off to the Wars they go–
Fair ladies, each one Anderson, greets
them as they go.

The Heros on Jacinto’s plain,
Where shone that Star we prize,
Where Liberty beam’d forth its rays,
Their spotless spirits cries:
“Go help your brothers now in need,
Where the blue waters flow,
And we who FELL for Freedom, will greet
you as you go.”

The Martyrs of the Alamo,
In the cold and silent tomb—
Those gallant sons of Texas,
Cut down in their bloom,—
They’d pray for you in Heaven above,
To meet aim quell the foe,
And He who’s on the side of RIGHT
Will greet you as you go,

A Henry’s eloquence not dead,
Will echo from the grave,
And cheer our sons of Freedom,
On, onward to the brave;
Yes, cheer them on the battle Plain,
Against our Yankee foe;
And the sons of Freedom everywhere,
Will greet them as they go.

Go then, and fortune favors,
Where’er the sun illumes,
Your Stars and Bars waving
O’er casques and nodding plumes;
Rest on jour chivalrous efforts,
For glory and for fame,
Till victory won to Anderson, returns
each honor’d name;

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