Southern Yankee Doodle


Southern Yankee Doodle.

The gallant Major Anderson!
A bold and fearless Ranger—
Ho stole a march one starry night,
And ran away from danger.

For thou no longer then can’st hear
That cruel phantom mob,
Nor in thy troubled visions fear
That they will kill and rob.

Oh! gallant Major Anderson!
How shall I sing the story
Of thy courageous, matchless truth
And all thy deeds of glory?

How thou didst nobly spike the guns
Upon that weak old Fort,
Which thou and thy attendant Huns
Viewed but as manly sport?

And when that brilliant “Western Slar”
Upon our harbor rose,
And underneath her hatches close
Concealed our armed foes?

But when each brave Palmetto boy,
A welcome warm did give
From cannon’s mouth, they were too coy
Such welcome to receive.

Be not too grieved, brave Anderson,
That is, your well laid plan,
Should come to nought, and leave you thus
Without one extra man.

Farewell! farewell! brave Anderson!
Long may these deeds of glory
Be noised abroad by trumpet fame
In many a song and story.

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