On Warrenton Railroad


Song On Warrenton Railroad,

In eighteen hundred and seventy-six,
With an effort partly crowned,
A railroad bed they did affix,
From Warren Plains to town.
Some people said it would not pay,
To steam a road so short,
Dick and Bill would have their way,
So to make it pay they ought.

As a President and talking gent,
Dick Kingsland did his best,
To make it foot up every cent,
The board was left the rest.
A hearty working by us all,
To get the road in motion,
And not to let the fever fall,

As they have a splendid board,
Men well informed and fair,
It would be better for the road
To build to Court-house square.
Crowds will go by moon and sun.
To see the trains come through,
‘Twill put new life in Warrenton,

Well Bill, the day I missed your face,
And was showed your true condition,
A sheet was signed up in this place,
Called by railroad men petition.
They sent it up to that grand show,
Where all laws are made, if any,
It wished us taxed three thousand more,

So the Legislature passed the act,
It went through like a dream,
To lay upon our town the tax,
To give this road more steam.
It also passed the other joke,
Which sounds to me so funny;
Those railroad bonds they wished to soak

Bill and Dick I say come back,
Don’t yield to cowardly will;
Your finely graded railroad track
Is here waiting for the sills.
Come back again you will be trusted,
Fill this contract right “up brown.”
Though we know you both are busted,

Come back again you will be paid,
I will see men, not a few;
Before your rails are being laid,
And learn what they will do.
If southern freights the road commands,
Slow teams may go to never;
Success will crown on every hand,

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    Shell, O. P.
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