ADF Archives

Lilly Library houses the American Dance Festival video archives. ADF videos and DVDs are available for viewing in the building. 


The boundless imagination and physical marvels of the work of the German modern-dance pioneer Pina Bausch leap off the screen in this exuberant tribute by Wim Wenders. Pina is an adventurous work of cinema that highlights the bold legacy of one of the world’s true creative visionaries. (DVD 23384/ Blu-ray DVD 24649/region 2 DVD 20797)

Isadora Duncan: Movement from the Soul

Traces the life and artistic development of Isadora Duncan, often called the mother of modern dance, as well as the social, personal, and political influences behind her dance. Interweaves recreations of excerpts from twelve of Duncan's dances with archival film and photographs and biographical details. (DVD 13004)

Many Steps: The Origin and Evolution of African American Collegiate Stepping

This documentary explores stepping which is a popular communal art form in which teams of young dancers compete, using improvisation, call and response, complex meters, propulsive rhythms and a percussive attack. (DVD 10669)

Martha Graham: Dance on Film

One of the great artistic forces of the twentieth century, performer, choreographer, and teacher Martha Graham influenced dance worldwide. Criterion presents a sampling of her stunning craft. A Dancer's World (1957), narrated by Graham herself, is a glimpse into her class work and methodology. Appalachian Spring (1958) and Night Journey (1961) are two complete Graham ballets. (DVD 10337)

An Evening with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Presents two ballet performances by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Divining: A dance evoking a strong feeling for African tribal ritual set to hauntingly rhythmic drum music. Revelations: Expresses Ailey's intense feelings for his roots in the South. Here is Ailey's vivid "blood memories" of the blues, spirituals, gospel music, ragtime and folk songs as well as the hard life of the Southern black during the Depression. (DVD 566)

The Red Shoes

The drama of a love triangle between a young dancer, a struggling composer, and an autocratic ballet impresario unfolds both onstage and off in this influential visionary dance film. (DVD 228)


Frederick Wiseman's documentary shows the American Ballet Theatre in rehearsal in their New York studio and on tour in Athens and Copenhagen. The viewer observes the numerous aspects of the creative, managerial and personal challenges faced by members of the company. (DVD 11288)

Only When I Dance

Documentary follows Irlan and Isabela, two teenagers from the violent favelas of Rio de Janeiro, as they pursue their dreams of becoming professional ballet dancers. This inspiring story takes us from Rio, where their communities must raise the funds to support their ambitions, to exhilarating ballet competitions in New York and Switzerland. (DVD 16638)

El Amor Brujo

A modern take on composer Manuel de Falla's gypsy ballet, dressed up in pink sunsets and hellishly red fires. Set in a dusty Andalusian village, The film is a seductive melodrama of a man whose beloved is haunted by the ghost of another. (DVD 9495)

Paul Taylor: Dancemaker

Documentary on Paul Taylor and his dance creations. Also includes full performances of Paul Taylor in Aureole (1962) and Scudorama (1963), Paul Taylor's and troupe members' biographies, and Taylor's notes on the inspirations behind his dances. (DVD 249)


A series of flamenco dances, "an integral part of the Spanish heart and culture" are performed by three hundred dancers and directed by Carlos Saura. (DVD 11320)

Carmen & Geoffrey

An intimate and revealing documentary that follows the careers of Carmen de Lavallade, a dynamic dancer and choreographer from California, and her husband Geoffrey Holder, an actor, dancer, choreographer, and theater director. Filmed in the United States, Trinidad, and Paris, and featuring interviews and dance performances with legends such as Alvin Alley, Herbert Ross, Lester Horton, Joe Layton, Duke Ellington, and Josephine Baker. (DVD 16627)

An American in Paris

Gene Kelly stars as a carefree young artist in post-WWII Paris. He falls in love with a lonely French shopgirl who is engaged to marry a successful entertainer. Highlights include music by George Gershwin and the seventeen minute American in Paris ballet featuring Kelly and Leslie Caron. (DVD 1143)