The Hurt Locker - US Army Staff Sergeant Will James, Sergeant J.T. Sanborn and Specialist Owen Eldridge comprise the Bravo Company's bomb disposal unit stationed in Baghdad. James is the tech team leader. When he arrives on the scene, Bravo Company has thirty-nine days left on its current deployment, and it will be a long thirty-nine days for Sanborn and Eldridge whose styles do not mesh with their new leader. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who became the first woman to win the best director Oscar. (DVD 16804)

Sisters, or the Balance of Happiness - Margarethe Von Trotta's film follows wo sisters who share a complex and compelling relationship in this well-crafted film about sibling rivalry, dependency and suicide. (DVD 6184)

Yes - Feeling trapped in her marriage to a politician, an American scientist begins an affair with a Lebanese surgeon living in exile in London. As the affair goes on the couple finds it difficult to put aside their very different beliefs. Directed by Sally Potter. (DVD 15146)

Daisies - Vera Chytilova's film tracks two teenage girls as they decide that since the world is spoiled they will be spoiled as well; accordingly they embark on a series of destructive pranks in which they consume and destroy the world about them. (DVD 1153)

Gaumont Treasures: Alice Guy - Few individual artists have exerted as profound in influence upon the evolution of cinema as Alice Guy. Her work stands alongside the Lumiere Brothers, Georges Melies, and Edwin S. Porter in creating the grammer of the cinema. More than sixty of her films are collected here. (DVD 14671, disc 1)

The Piano - A young mute woman and her child travel to New Zealand in the 1800s for an arranged marriage to a farmer. After the marriage she meets another man, and the competition for her love begins. Just one of the men realizes that her affections can only be won through her beloved piano. Directed by Jane Campion. (DVD 295)

Loving Couples - In Mai Zetterling's film, three mothers-to-be take a look back on their romantic lives as they are about to give birth. Each is from a different social class and each one has a different take on becoming a mother. (DVD 12021)

Christopher Strong - Katharine Hepburn portrays a record-breaking flyer who falls hopelessly in love with a married man (Colin Clive). Though madly in love, he can't divorce his good natured and caring wife (Billie Burke). Directed by Dorothy Arzner. (DVD 14375)

The Postmodern Life of My Aunt - A twelve-year-old boy Kuankuan visits his aunt who is living alone after her retirement in Shanghai. Through his eyes his aunt appears stingy, out-of-date, loud, and ridiculous. But after a series of adventures together, they have reached some understanding before he leaves for home. A year later Kuankuan visits her again in her new home, much changed and very resigned. Shanghai seems to have been a mirage, or a happy dream. Directed by Ann Hui. (DVD 12842)

Harlan County USA - Barbara Kopple's documentary chronicles the 1973 Harlan County, Kentucky coal miners' strike against the operators of the Brookside mine and the Duke Power Company, which resulted from the company's refusal to honor the national contract of the United Mine Workers of America when the miners joined the union. (DVD 8208) 

My Brilliant Career - In Gillian Armstrong's film Sybylla Melvyn (Judy Davis) struggles with the conflicts that we all have between ambition, family, love, and guilt in a most remarkable manner. Simple yet universal themes told with charm, wit, and a vulnerability that allows us to get right inside of her character and to understand her. (DVD 9084)

Between the Lines - When a publishing mogul buys a Boston underground newspaper and promises changes that will compromise its aggressive political stance in favor of "lifestyle" articles. It becomes clear to the freewheeling and free thinking employees that their carefree days are behind them.  Directed by Joan Micklin Silver. (DVD 16640)

La Cienaga - Mecha, her husband Gregorio and their friends are spending another stifling day drinking and lounging around the filthy swimming pool of their crumbling summer estate when Mecha stumbles and is badly cut on her broken wine glass. On hearing the news, her less affluent cousin Tali marshals her own large family for a visit. The long, hot summer and crowded situation strain everyone's nerves and repressed family conflicts surface. An atmosphere of oppressive humidity and constant foreboding fill this commentary on the decadence, malaise and racism of Argentina's decaying. Directed by Lucrecia Martel.  (DVD 6893)

Germany, Pale Mother - Set during World War II, newlywed Lene must watch her new husband go off to war during the German invasion of Poland. She discovers that she is pregnant and is forced to take her child on a journey across the war-ravaged countryside. Directed by Helma Sanders-Brahms. (DVD 11323)

Sink or Swim - Su Friedrich's film is a compelling account of the immutable, highly charged relationship between a father and daughter. A young girl narrates twenty-six short stories which recount memories of a father she both fears and admires. He is more concerned with his career than his family, which affects his daughter greatly. (DVD 6224)

Girlhood - Director Liz Garbus presents the coming-of-age stories of two girls trying to make a life for themselves both inside and outside of Baltimore's juvenile justice system. (DVD 5309) 

Seven Beauties - Pasqualino (Giancarlo Giannini) is a small time crook and lady's man living off his sisters' money until he is arrested and sent to the army. He is captured by the Germans and taken to a concentration camp where he plots his escape by seducing a German officer (Shirley Stoler). Directed by Lina Wertmuller. (DVD 7934)