Abusing Power: Satirical Journals from the Special Collections Library

A coups de Baionette

Georges Alfred Pavis (1886-1951), "Guignol aux Armées. Les Gendarmes." (Guignol in the Armies. The Police.), A Coups de baïonette vol. 5, no. 58 August 10, 1916
This strip, based upon the famous Guignol puppet theater, is an interesting instance of wartime censorship of caricature, with the suppression of a panel on the top right. Panis' good natured mockery of French military police  ends rather gruesomely with the police officer engulfed in an explosion. The final image suggests that, however much other soldiers might resent their intrusion, the military police endure the risks of war just as much as other recruits.

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