Abusing Power: Satirical Journals from the Special Collections Library

Die PlieteAnonymous, “Fascismus: Der europäische Weihnachtsmann” (Fascism: The European Santa Claus), Die Pleite December 1923
Edited by the anti-Fascist artist George Grosz and pioneer photomontagist John Heartfield, Die Pleite (Bankruptcy) was associated with the Berlin Dada group and its searing critique of the Weimar Republic. This illustration ominously depicts the emerging threat of right-wing extremism in Europe. Mussolini’s National Fascist Party had come to power in Italy in October 1922; Hitler’s National Socialists had attempted a coup d’état in Munich on November 9, 1923. It would be another decade before Hitler would come to power, but Fascism was on the march.

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