Abusing Power: Satirical Journals from the Special Collections Library

František Kupka, “Le Théâtre des marionettes” and “Liberté” (The Puppet Theatre and Liberty), L’Assiette au beurre no. 41, “L’Argent,” January 11, 1902

Relocating to Paris from Bohemia in the 1890s, František Kupka produced images for several French political journals, including three issues of the anarchist-inspired L’Assiette au beurre (1901-1911) on the themes of money, religion and peace. In this issue from 1902, Kupka traces the debilitating effects of a society run by Money, personified as a corpulent form with a gleaming gold belly. On the left, Money pulls all the political strings from behind the curtain. At right, he smugly oversees an endless line of workers trudging off to the factories, protected by his barrier of military support.

L Assiette au Beurre 

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