Abusing Power: Satirical Journals from the Special Collections Library

La Libre Parole illustree

Chanteclair, “Physiognomie” (Physiognomy), La Libre Parole illustrée 2nd year, no. 56, August 4, 1894
Caricaturist Lucien Emery, known as Chanteclair (1874-1965), was a mainstay of the anti-Semitic La Libre Parole illustrée, established in 1893 by Edouard Drumont as a supplement to his highly successful daily paper of the same name. Though dominated by grotesque representations of French Jews, this cover features the politician Jean Casimir-Périer, who had been elected president of the republic in June 1894. The caricature transforms the president into a bulldog “to show that he was truly predestined to be the faithful guardian of our lovable constitution.” Chanteclair’s visual metamorphosis draws upon parallels between human and animal features that have their roots in classical physiognomic texts.

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