Abusing Power: Satirical Journals from the Special Collections Library


MulticolorSantiago De la Vega,: “No sé que tengo en los ojos!” (I don’t know what’s in my eyes!) Multicolor 17, July 1913

The Mexican comic weekly Multicolor (1911-1914) provides important testimony to opinion during the turbulent years dominated by Francisco Madero, the politician who led revolutionary opposition that forced dictator Porfirio Diaz from power in May 1911, only to be toppled in his turn by an American-backed coup in February 1913. The coup’s leader, Victoriano Huerta, acceded to the presidency but quickly came into conflict with his newly elected American counterpart, Woodrow Wilson, who condemned Madero’s overthrow and the military dictatorship that had emerged in its wake. Here, a peasant personifying Mexico has trouble seeing straight while a circle of Uncle Sams dance around his feet.

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