T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land . Richmond : Hogarth Press, 1923.

In a 1923 letter Virginia Woolf said she had “just finished setting the whole of Mr. Eliots poem with my own hands.”

The Bloomsbury Group is closely associated with the rise of literary modernism. The group’s members shared and collaborated on fresh ideas of literature’s purpose, beauty, and acceptable subject matter. Virginia Woolf used pioneering techniques such as stream-of-consciousness writing to explore the fraught social, psychological, and emotional landscapes of contemporary life. Through their many reviews in periodicals and the publications of the Hogarth Press they promoted the works of Russian, French, and other international authors who presaged and presented modern visions of the world. And with the publication of The Waste Land , hand-printed by the Woolfs, T.S. Eliot reached one of the highest peaks of modernist expression.

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