Social Activism
The Dreadnought Hoax

Adrian Stephen, The Dreadnought Hoax. London : Hogarth Press, 1936.

In 1915, in the beginning stages of World War I, Clive Bell published a pamphlet entitled Peace at Once.  Its pacifist message was so strongly contrary to the prevailing nationalist sentiment of the time that the Lord Mayor of London banned it and ordered all copies to be burned.   Many other members took a similarly bold stance on issues of war and international conflict, declaring themselves conscientious objectors during the war and continuing after its conclusion to advocate for peaceful conflict resolution and the need for diplomacy.   Leonard Woolf was instrumental in the development of the League of Nations after the war.   While many members warned of the threat of fascism in the 1930s, Quentin Bell argued that the pacifist stance of the Group as a whole led to its dissolution as World War II approached.

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