Cedric Chatterley: Photographs of Honeyboy Edwards, 1991-1996

David "Honeyboy" Edwards at his 78th birthday party, Rosa's Lounge, Chicago, Illinois, 4th of July Weekend, 1993.

David "Honeyboy" Edwards with newly made friend, Chicago Blues Festival, 1991.

David "Honeyboy" Edwards after performing at the Chicago Blues Festival, 1993.

Big Bad Smitty playing guitar in Eddie's Tavern, downtown Helena, Arkansas about an hour following the closing of the King Biscuit Blues Festival, October, 1994.

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, March, 1993
It's my feeling that this is where Honeyboy believed that he could be on his own, play and sing the blues, and be a traveling musician.

Honeyboy attended the Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church as a child, near Money, Mississippi, October, 1993.

The location where Honeyboy Edwards met Robert Johnson (the lot just behind this young man) on Johnson Street, Greenwood, Mississippi, September, 1992.

Left: Honeyboy visiting an old friend behind his cousin's auto repair shop, Shaw, Mississippi. Right: Honeyboy searching for his mother's unmarked gravesite, just outside Shaw, Mississippi, summer, 1992.

Alice Edwards, Honeyboy’s sister-in-law, holding the only existing photograph of Pearl Edwards, Honeyboy’s mother, who died in Mississippi not long after the 1927 flood when Honeyboy was about 12 years old, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1994.

Issaquena Street, downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi, summer, 1992.

Small grocer on Issaquena Street, downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi, summer, 1992.

Parchman Farm--Mississippi State Penitentiary, south of Tutwiler, Mississippi, July, 1992.

Honeyboy showing dice tricks he learned from Big Joe Williams, the Riverside Hotel, Clarksdale, Mississippi, summer, 1992.

Man walking down 47th Street on the Southside of Chicago, winter, 1994.

Friends jamming in a storefront on South 47th Street, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1995.

Parking lot for a fish store on Chicago's Southside. Regular deliveries of live fish come from Mississippi and other states, winter, 1994.

David "Honeyboy" Edwards (seated) surrounded by his extended family, at his sister-in-law’s house, Alice Edwards, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1994.

Amtrak passing through the Southside heading north, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1995.

At home on South Wells near 43rd Street, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1994.

Watching Honeyboy from inside his front room window on South Wells, near 43rd Street, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1994. (Honeyboy's Lincoln)

Honeyboy's young friend, Charles, whom he often watched after, sitting in his kitchen with a guitar Honeyboy had given him, Chicago, Illinois, winter, 1995.

David "Honeyboy" Edwards leaving a studio on Belmont Street after a "Delta Bluesman" recording session, Chicago, Illinois, New Years Eve, 1991.

Bridge connecting Mississippi and Louisiana, Vicksburg, Mississippi, March, 1993.

David "Honeyboy" Edwards, live at Blind Willie's in Atlanta, Georgia. August, 1992

Looking out of a cafe window on Oretha Castle Haily Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana, October, 1994.

Sheriff and prisoners inside a holding room in Avoyelles Parish Courthouse, Marksville, Louisiana, the birthplace of Honeyboy's good friend and harmonica legend, Marion "Little Walter" Jacobs, March, 1993.

Tuning up prior to performance, Chattanooga, Tennessee, March, 1993.

Above the Mississippi River on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge (my favorite landscape image in this body of work), East St. Louis, Illinois. March, 1993.

Memphis, Tennessee--from atop the train station, looking north, May, 1995.

David "Honeyboy" Edwards at Chicago Blues Festival, late spring, 1994

Photographs © Cedric Chatterley

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