William Gedney & Paul Kwilecki: William Gedney Photographs

Indian weightlifter

Men beside river with bridge in background

Street scene, boys running with cows

Girls playing cards

Street at night with man sleeping

Man in face paint and boys wrestling

Couple lying on a floor; guitar resting above them

Hippie couple smoking and sitting on grass

Man playing guitar and hippies in stairwell

Hippie couple next to storefront window on crowded street

Group of hippies with bags, sleeping bags, and guitar waiting for a ride in San Francisco

Person sleeping with a cat in a dark room

Crowd scene at outdoor concert

Teenage girl lying on hood of car

Boy under car, man working under the hood.

Young couple

Houses in valley; man with back turned; pants on clothesline

Cornett family men and boys stand around a pile of car parts; one leans on wood pole while another leans on a car with its hood up

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