Illustrating the Hebrew Bible

Dore David and GoliathDore book coverMarc Chagall BibleSong of Songs, Zeew RabanThe Lamentations of Jeremiah by Eichenberg Beverly Brodsky The Book of JobAbel PannDore Samson and DelilaLe Livre d'Esther / illustrations de Arthur SzykHebrew Bible 1492Marc Chagall Psalms of DavidEichenberg JonahMark Podwal from Elie Wiesel's Le roi Salomon et sa bague magique Aryeh Alvail, El Ha-hofKennicott Bible facsimileMordekhai Bek JonahIsmar David JonahShalev, Meir, and Emanuele Luzzati. Mabul, Nahash u-shete Tevot: sipure Tanakh li-yeladimAbel PannAnna NoymanThe book of Jeremiah. A new translation, with woodcuts by Nikos StavroulakisAbel PannLamentations by Mark PodwalShalom of Safed, 1887-1980Abel PannBen Shahn, Ecclesiastes Ismar David RuthOri Sherman The CreationTorahRuth by Maty Grunberg


Perkins Gallery April 13-July 31, 2010

Opening Reception

April 20, 2010, 4:30-6:30 p.m., Biddle Rare Book Room, Perkins Library

Guest Speakers:  Professor Eric Meyers and Professor Kalman Bland

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