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On a country road in mid-coast Maine, two related families of fishermen, the Carters and the Harveys, live their harsh and sometimes dangerous lives. They are prodigiously hard workers. The hallmark of their clannish community is interdependence and a fierce determination to survive.

I came to know these families through Fern Carter who set his traps around the island where my family has a summer camp. Knowing that I was a photographer, he asked me to take pictures at his son Daniel’s wedding. This was the start of a ten-year association with his community that resulted in the book Up River and a friendship with all of them that endures to this day.

Amanda & Tanya, 1987
Early morning fog, 1990
Ricky & Daniel, 1990
Nissen bread, 1991
The Carter men, 1988
Winter clam digging, 1992
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