Election of 1912

Who were the candidates?What were the issues?Vote!Who won?What happened?

What happened during or as a result of Wilson's presidency?

Cover of Harper's Weekly with Taft

Cover of Harper's Weekly with Taft driving Republican machine

Wilson outmaneuvered bankers and enemies of banks, North and South, Democrats and Republicans to secure passage of the Federal Reserve Act in December 1913. Wilson sought to find a new approach to encouraging competition through the Federal Trade Commission, which stopped "unfair" trade practices. In addition, he pushed through Congress the Clayton Antitrust Act making certain business practices illegal (such as price discrimination, agreements forbidding retailers from handling other companies’ products, and directorates and agreements to control other companies).  Wilson spent 1914 through the beginning of 1917 trying to keep America out of the war in Europe.  He allowed the introduction of segregation into several federal departments.

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