Election of 1928

Who were the candidates?What were the issues?Vote!Who won?What happened?

What happened during or as a result of Hoover's presidency?

Cannon pamphlet in support of continuing prohibition

Pamphlet by Virginia Methodist clergyman, James Cannon, Jr., in support of continuing prohibition

Hoover expanded civil service coverage, canceled private oil leases on government lands, and led the way for the prosecution of gangster Al Capone by instructing the Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service to go after gangsters for tax evasion. He appointed a commission which set aside 3 million acres of national parks and 2.3 million acres of national forests; advocated tax reduction for low-income Americans (not enacted); closed certain tax loopholes for the wealthy; doubled the number of veteran's hospital facilities; wrote a Children's Charter that advocated protection of every child regardless of race or gender; built the San Francisco Bay Bridge; created an antitrust division in the Justice Department; required air mail carriers to adopt stricter safety measures and improve service; organized the Federal Bureau of Prisons; reorganized the Bureau of Indian Affairs; instituted prison reform; proposed a federal Department of Education (not enacted); advocated fifty-dollar-per-month pensions for Americans over 65 (not enacted); and began construction of the Boulder Dam (later renamed Hoover Dam).

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