Duke University Libraries has a wealth of resources scattered across different search silos. The search results you see after conducting a search using our masthead search box or the default "All" tab on the library homepage present much of this content in a single place.

  • Articles from journals and magazines are presented in the left column.
  • A wide range of print and electronic resources such as books, music, movies and more are presented in the center column, drawn from what has traditionally been thought of as our library catalog.
  • The right column presents a sample of results from more focused areas: Research Guides, Images, Our Website, and miscellaneous other resources.

But wait, there's more...

If you click the "See All" links next to the section titles on the results page you will see the full results set for those items.


Choose your own default search tab

You can make the "Books & Media" tab or the "Articles" tab your default search tab on the Libraries homepage by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom left of the search box. Your web browser will remember this selection until you reset your browser (clear your cookies) or until you manually change your selection.


Need a more focused search?

When your research needs require a more highly-focused search than is presented via the "All" tab, you can select from the options available on our Search & Find menu.


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