To access eBooks at Duke, search the library catalog for eBooks or search a particular eBook collection. Duke has four main academic eBook collections:

- ProQuest Ebooks Central

 - EBSCO eBooks

 - University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO)

 - NC Live includes additional ProQuest and EBSCO ebook titles and audio books via OneClickDigital

To read or download an eBook on the ProQuest and EBSCO platforms, including titles available via NC Live, a personal account is required . In the upper right of the platform's front page, you can follow the "account" or "sign in" link create an account.

ProQuest and EBSCO eBook collections manage check outs and downloads using  Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) . ADE manages check outs - similar to a print book which, when checked out, is not available for use by another patron. Not every eBook is available to more than one person at a time. UPSO is an exception, and allows Duke patrons to download content directly, in .pdf format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apps such as iBook, Bluefire and Adobe Reader allow transfer from ADE to mobile devices, though this varies by collection.

Note: It is always best to checkout, download and transfer ebooks on your office or personal computer, tablet or other mobile device.