The Piano Teacher - The story of Erika, a middle-aged classical piano instructor who is trapped between her rigid passion for music and her suffocating home life. She escapes her life with nightly voyeuristic wanderings and self-inflicted masochistic experiments. (DVD 1221)

Time of the Wolf - An extremely timely and prescient piece of social commentary, Time of the Wolf follows a family’s difficult journey immediately after an unknown apocalyptic event. The film puts us directly into the terrifying aftermath, with all of its confusion, uncertainty, and danger. (DVD 6759)

The Story of Women - In this chilling recreation of a real-life criminal case, Isabelle Huppert plays Marie Latour, a beautiful and childish woman whose life and destiny are changed when she performs an abortion for a distraught neighbor during World War II. (DVD 9474)

Amateur - A crackpot ex-nun who writes pornographic short stories crosses paths with an amnesiac wandering the streets of New York City. When they set out to uncover his identity, they come face to face with his unsavory past--including a vengeful porno actress and ruthless corporate assassins hot on their trail. (DVD 2858)

Gabrielle - Jean is a successful publisher. He has refined tastes and abundant material possessions, among which he seems to include his wife, Gabrielle. But in a single afternoon, Gabrielle decides to leave him for another man and then abruptly reverses her decision. Now, everything that Jean believed to be true about his life and marriage falls apart. (DVD 7868)

Slow Motion - This parody of modern life revolves around three characters who are all at turning points in their lives--the country girl who comes to the city to be a prostitute, the city woman who decides to give up her job and pursue an idyllic life in the country, and a television director who is separated from his wife and daughter. (DVD 7754)

Heaven's Gate - A lawman and a hitman are in love with the same woman. All three are caught up in a devastating class war, when ruthless ranchers decide to kill off the starving immigrants who have been stealing their cattle. The story is based on a real range war in the 1890s in Johnson County, Wyoming. (DVD 1833)

Madame Bovary - Emma Bovary is a woman possessed by a burning hunger for life and love--and a passion that can never be fulfilled. Feeling trapped in a loveless marriage, Emma indulges herself in a lifestyle of reckless overspending and a series of shocking affairs which threaten to destroy her and everyone around her. (DVD 3623)

Destinees Sentimentales - Jean Barnery is a young Protestant cleric in Barbazac in 1900 when he divorces his severe wife after falling in love with Pauline, the independent-minded niece of an upper-crust parishioner. (DVD 1308)

Le Ceremonie - An eccentric housekeeper for a wealthy French family and her boisterous postal worker friend unleash a vicious rampage against the bourgeoisie family. (DVD 18196)

The Lacemaker - Isabelle Huppert stars as Pomme, a meek and mild French beautician whose life takes a fateful turn during a vacation to Normandy. Huppert becomes the lover of middle-class literature-student Francois. The relationship sours when Francois takes her home to meet his parents, thanks in no small part to their differing social backgrounds. (VC 8249)

Entre Nous - Set in Lyons in the 1950’s, a story of two women who are trapped in middle-class complacency. Their relationship deepens into a dependency that eventually bursts the confines of the provincial society around them. (VC 246)