War and Love in Kabul - Hossein and Shaima, who have known and loved each other since childhood, were seperated as teenagers by war in Afghanistan. Today, reunited in Kabul, they remain deeply in love, but their relationship is socially and religiously prohibited. (DVD 15906)

Afghan Chronicles - A look at the Afghani press group Killid Media, one of the strongest independent voices in post-Taliban Afghanistan. Through its two weekly magazines and a radio station, Killid Media pushes for social change, modernization, and an end to political corruption. (DVD 10826)

Operation Enduring Freedom: America Fights Back - Reviews the escalating actions of the United States in Afghanistan, using airstrikes and other tactics to eliminate the Taliban and its leader, Osama bin Laden, after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. (DVD 1994)

Good Morning Kandahar - “My country fights a war in my father’s country. And I look on with a growing sense of confusion.” So Ariel Nasr begins his powerful new documentary, which gives poignant voice to the dilemmas felt by thousands of young Afghans around the world – many in surprising places – as they grapple with events in their homeland. (DVD 15879)

Motherland Afghanistan - Afghanistan today has the second highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. Filmmaker Sedika Mojadidi reveals the extent of this tragedy by documenting the 2003 return to Afghanistan of her father, an OB/GYN who emigrated to the U.S. in 1972, as he attempts to rehabilitate Kabul's Rabia Balkhi Hospital with the promised support of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. (DVD 7966)

Afghan Star - In Afghanistan you risk your life to sing. After thirty years of war and five devastating years of Taliban rule, pop culture is beginning to return to the country. Since 2005, millions have been tuning in to Tolo TV's wildly popular American idol-style series, Afghan star. Like its Western predecessors, people compete for a cash prize and record deal. More surprisingly, the contest is open to everyone across the country despite gender, ethnicity, or age. (DVD 17696)

Kabul Transit - In the broken cityscape of Kabul, Afghanistan, amid the dust and rubble of war, Westerners and Afghans adjust to the uncertain possibilities of peace. Kabul Transit shuttles through the broken streets of the city, moving between public space and private, listening in on conversations, posing questions, probing the darker alleys mainstream media avoids. (DVD 10548)

Dream for Kabul - Haruhiro Shiratori lost his only child in the attacks on the World Trade Center. Instead of isolating himself in grief, he decides to make contact with Afghan people and to provide them with help in the hope of preventing such attacks happening again. Over four years and across three continents, filmmaker Philippe Baylaucq documents the quest of this Japanese Don Quixote and his dream of building a cultural centre for the children of Kabul. (DVD 16060)

Afghan Stories - Exposes the extraordinary life experiences of ordinary people coping with turmoil as the world comes down on their country once again. Amazingly the new generation, who have never known peace, still have hope and dream of a future lived in prosperity and peace. (DVD 9691)

Beauty Academy of Kabul - A film about a group of American hairdressers who opened a beauty academy in post-Taliban Kabul. The six teachers were all volunteers; three had fled Afghanistan over 20 years ago. (DVD 5077)

Afghan Refugee Women - Documentary on the plight of refugee women living in Pakistan and the urgency with which broad-based, responsive strategies need to be developed. (DVD 14544)

Black Tulip / Inside Afghanistan -  Two Films on the Soviet Intervention & the Afghan Civil War, offer a revealing - and sobering - parallel with the American intervention 20 years later. (DVD 11585)

Afghan Muscles - In war-ravaged post-Taliban Kabul, Afghanistan young men have discovered the art of bodybuilding and dream of muscle, honour and fame. Once barely tolerated by the Taliban, bodybuilding gyms and clubs are sprouting up throughout the country. (DVD 12809)

Daughters of Afghanistan - A documentary chronicling the struggle for women's rights in Post-Taliban Afghanistan. Award-winning journalist and UNICEF representative Sally Armstrong witnesses heroic women fighting for the cause, and the powerful forces that threaten their freedom. (DVD 6873)

Dateline Afghanistan - As the United States and its allies engage in a continuing battle to free Afghanistan of its ties to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, many journalists from around the world cover the ongoing conflict. (DVD 8523)

Afghan Women: A History of Struggle - Captures the resilience and courage of women who risk their lives on a daily basis to stand up for for equality. The film debunks the myth that current U.S. intervention in Afghanistan has liberated Afghan women from the tyranny of fundamentalism. (DVD 10911)