Black Girl - A Senegalese maid goes to the Riviera with her employers and gains a new perspective on what it means to be African outside of Africa. A story of exile and despair. (DVD 5190)

Yeelen - A film adaptation of one of the great oral epics of the Bambara people, set during the powerful Mali Empire of the 13th century. Tells the story of Nianankoro, a young Bambara warrior destined to destroy a corrupt older society, the secret Komo cult, and with it his father, and, inevitably, himself. (DVD 2809)

Genesis - Based on chapters 33-37 of Genesis told from an African perspective, the film portrays the bitter rivalry between the brothers Jacob and Esau. (DVD 2810)

Hyenas - A rich woman agrees to share her wealth with the people in her poor village in return for the life of the man who ruined her reputation when she was young. (DVD 2808)

Harvest 3000 - Set in contemporary Ethiopia, this film tells the real-life story of a peasant family’s struggle for survival under virtually feudal conditions on the farm of a wealthy landowner. (VC 11129 LSC)

Xala - In a fictional African country, a rich, self-made businessman and member of the post-colonial ruling elite takes on a third wife to show the world his wealth, only to be stricken by a curse resulting in impotency. His efforts at getting cured lead to disasterous yet comical results. Directed by Ousmane Sembene. (DVD 4977)

Tasuma - Sogo Sanou, also known as Tasuma, is a war veteran who has attempted to claim his military pension for over 50 years. When he buys a mill for his village, hoping to pay for it with his pension money, and the money doesn’t arrive, he is imprisoned for failing to pay his debt. The women of the village organize to free him. (DVD 9267)

Touki Bouki - Mory and Anta are desperate to leave their shantytown. They commit crimes to raise enough money to escape to France. (DVD 8386)

Daresalam - In a small Central African village, boyhood friends Djimi and Koni have come of age under a post-colonial government that levies crippling taxes and legally robs local farmers of their meager crops. When impulsive Koni savagely attacks a visiting government official, the resulting massacre forces the two friends on a journey that will transform them from boys into men. (DVD 4116)

Guimba the Tyrant A tyrant throws his city into conflict and chaos when he allows his randy, dwarf son to reject an arranged marriage to the slim local beauty in order for him to pursue the girl’s larger, married mother. The tyrant then sets his own eyes on the girl, making the situation even worse. An epic set in the legendary past of Mali (West Africa) to provide a biting allegory of present-day African politics. (DVD 4114)

Karmen Gei - Karmen escapes prison through her lesbian relationship with the warden. She then wrecks the marriage and career of a police corporal by making him her lover and co-conspirator in a smuggling ring. (DVD 4115)

Bamako - Set against the backdrop of overwhelming economic strife, a couple fights to save their relationship. While they are struggling to keep the peace in their marriage, their neighbors are holding a mock trial in the town courtyard to hold the IMF and the World Bank accountable for creating such hardship in Africa. (DVD 8700)

Abouna - After two young Chadian boys discover their father has abandoned them, they embark on a desperate quest to bring him home. (DVD 8373)

Haramuya - In Ouagadougou, the wealthy reside in the modern section of the city, while the poor live in poverty-stricken surburbs. Through the family of Fousseini, a Muslim firmly attached to his faith and traditions, a picture is drawn of a town caught between modernism and traditionalism. (DVD 9266)