To Kill a Mockingbird  - The setting is a dusty Southern town during the Depression. A white woman accuses a black man of rape. His compassionate defense costs him many friendships but earns him the respect and admiration of his two motherless children. (DVD 553)

Ivan's Childhood - An orphan boy serves the Russian army by reconnoitering behind enemy lines during WWII. (DVD 8944)

Where is My Friend's House? - A boy faces challenges and obstacles while trying to return a lost homework assignment to his friend.  Directed by Abbas Kiarostami. ( DVD 14948)

The Tin Drum - A child decides to stop growing when he is three years old as a protest against the absurdities of the world around him. Based on a novel by Gunter Grass. (DVD 4120)

The 400 Blows - Fourteen-year-old Antoine lives in a cramped apartment with his mother and stepfather, neglected by them and unlucky at school. Living an intense imaginative life of his own he eventually gets into trouble and runs towards the sea, which he has never seen. (DVD 782)

Kiki's Delivery Service - On her 13th birthday, a young witch named Kiki must fly away from home to a new city to find her niche in life. Accompanied by her chatty cat, Jiji, she starts a flying service and discovers lots of fun-filled escapades and meets plenty of new friends. (DVD 18097)

Kes - The story of a friendship between a boy and a kestrel. Directed by Ken Loach. (DVD 3979)

Spirit of the Beehive - After the Spanish civil war a family lives in a remote village. When the local cinema shows "Frankenstein", the young daughter sets off across the countryside to find the monster. (DVD 7898)

Forbidden Games - A timeless evocation of the loss of innocence, Rene Clement’s devastating film tells the story of a young orphan and her friend forced to fend for themselves in World War II France. They pass time by conducting funerals for the dead animals they find. (DVD 4984)

Invaders From Mars - The original 20th century landmark science fiction thriller that played on the paranoia and Communist threat invading Atomic Age America in the 1950s. A young boy is awakened during a storm to witness a flying saucer land in the field behind his home. No one will believe his story as, one by one, the townspeople are captured and put under the control of sinister forces from the planet Mars. (DVD 4603)

Pixote - Ten-year-old Pixote  is one of three million homeless children in Brazil. Hauled off to a crowded detention center, wide-eyed Pixote witnesses rapes, beatings and other acts of random violence by both the guards and the inmates. With the transvestite Lilica and his lover Dito, Pixote escapes from the reform school where he and his friends hit the streets alone, embarking on a life of violence and crime. (DVD 784)

George Washington - Over the course of one hot summer, a group of children in rural North Carolina are forced to confront a tangle of difficult choices as they discover what it takes to make a modern American hero. Filmed in Winston-Salem, NC. (DVD 1445)

Pather Panchali - The story of Apu and his family. Father Hari is a dreamer and poet, while his hard-working wife struggles to feed the family. But Durga, a free-spirited and petty thief, brings tragedy to the family in a moment’s carelessness. In Bengali with English subtitles. (DVD 2676)

Zero for Conduct - A study of life in a French boarding school for boys, this is a series of vignettes lampooning the faculty and is climaxed by a surrealistic, dream-like rebellion of the entire student body. (DVD 20338)