Maxed Out - Take a journey deep inside the American style of debt, where things seem fine as long as the minimum monthly payment arrives on time. Shocking and incisive, it paints a picture of a national nightmare, which is all too real for most. (DVD 10361)

The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream - Through interviews with scientists and policy makers this documentary explores the premise that American suburbs, built on the easy availability of fossil fuels, may become untenable. (DVD 10801)

Food, Inc. - Lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing how our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profits ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment. (DVD 15074)

Arabs & Terrorism - A group of filmmakers interview the global community, ranging from political figures to on-the-street citizen dialogue, in the Western, European, and indigenous Arabic communities. Examines the dominant discourse on terrorism in the United States and Europe, and offers critics an opportunity to respond. (DVD 13589)

Inside the Meltdown - An investigation into the causes of the worst economic crisis in 70 years and how the government responded. The film chronicles the inside stories of the Bear Stearns deal, Lehman Brothers collapse, the propping up of insurance giant AIG and the $700 billion bailout. (DVD 13433)

Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita - When Dr. Jack Kessler's 15-year-old daughter was paralyzed from the waist down in a skiing accident, Dr. Kessler changed the focus of his research to using embryonic stem cells to cure spinal cord injuries. Through his story, the stem cell debate is brought to the public for discussion. (DVD 12029) 

The Future of Food - Documents the trend of unlabeled genetically-modified foods which have become increasingly prevalent in grocery stores. Unravels the complex web of market and political forces that are changing the nature of what we eat. Explores organic and sustainable agriculture as alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture. (DVD 6776)

Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial - Captures the turmoil that tore apart the community of Dover, Pennsylvania, in a landmark battle over the teaching of evolution in public schools. Featuring trial reenactments based on court transcripts and interviews with key participants and expert scientists, this program presents the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover School District. (DVD 10655)

In Debt We Trust - A documentary examining the increasing debt burden carried by millions of Americans argues that corrupt practices by financial and government institutions are fostering citizens' dependence on credit while creating a ballooning national debt that is leading the country towards fiscal disaster. (DVD 10834)

Mademoiselle and the Doctor - Dr. Philip Nitschke is an Australian who helps people who want to end their lives. This film tells the story of Lisette Gabrielle Nigot as she seeks help from Dr. Nitschke to end her life. (DVD 13794)

Critical Condition - Paints a disturbing portrait of what can happen when you're sick and uninsured in America. The subjects of this documentary discover that being uncovered can cost them their jobs, health, homes, savings, and even their lives. (DVD 10896)

Addicted to Plastic - A point-of-view style documentary that encompasses three years of filming in twelve countries on five continents, including two trips to the middle of the Pacific Ocean where plastic debris accumulates. The film details plastic's path over the last 100 years and provides a wealth of expert interviews on practical and cutting edge solutions to recycling, toxicity and biodegradability. (DVD 13792)

Prison Town, USA - What happens when a struggling rural town tries to revive its economy by inviting a prison in? Prison Town, USA weaves the absorbing tales of a laid-off mill worker-turned-guard, a tenacious dairy owner fighting "Prison industries," and a transplanted inmate family over the course of two years. (DVD 14663)