Taste of Cherry - A middle-aged man embarks on an existential odyssey through the mountains just beyond Tehran.  Directed by Abbas Kiarostami. (DVD 254)

Close-up - This docudrama comments on Iranian society. Ali Sabzian claims to a fellow passenger on the bus that he is the famous Iranian film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf. He then becomes involved with his fellow passenger and her family, claiming that he has cast the family's son in a major role. At some point this tale comes unravelled, and the family takes him to court. (DVD 17067) 

Jewel Thief - The son of the police chief is mistaken for a jewel thief and tries to help capture him by impersonating him. (DVD 1232)

Unwanted Woman - Searing tale about the struggles of women in modern-day Iran. Poor Sima puts up with her philandering and abusive husband, Ahmad. He is so blatant with his indiscretions that he asks Sima to cover for him when he plans a trip with his girlfriend Saba. (DVD 5521)

The Cow - Hasan, a peasant, is the only one in his small and poor village lucky enough to own a cow. He spoils the cow like a child and lives in perpetual fear that the inhabitants of a neighboring and hostile village will steal his cow. (DVD 3861)

Iron Island - A derelict oil tanker is home to cast-off members of the Sunni-Arab minority of Iran. When the owner decides to sell it, it is up to the self-proclaimed patriarch of the ship to provide a future for the people of his floating city, no matter the cost. (DVD 7237)

The House is Black - This film about the leprosy colony in Tabriz, Iran is a compassionate portrait of forgotten people. Straightforward yet sympathetic, the film affords dignity to its subjects, particularly through Forough Farrokhzad's striking poem read by the poet herself. It provides a vision of pain no caring human being should ignore. (DVD 4550)

Hamoun - The story of Hamid Hamoun, a business executive, who also works as a part-time English instructor. He feels alienated from Iranian society, bound by its conventions yet unwilling to abide by its rigid laws. His wife wants to divorce him but is unable to do so under Islamic law. Hamid's refusal to accept reality, or grant his wife the divorce she longs for, is both character study and metaphor for the condition of modern urban life in Iran. (DVD 11592)

Blackboards - A group of male teachers crosses the mountainous paths of the remote Iranian Kurdish region. The men wander from village to village in search of students, carrying large blackboards on their backs. The boards are sometime used as shelter, camouflage, and shields instead of for teaching purposes. One by one the men venture away from the group in search of students to teach. Along their way they must face other hardships and obstacles. (DVD 4972)

The White Balloon - A young girl's desire for a pretty goldfish her family cannot afford, sparks an adventure. (DVD 14947)

The Hidden Half - Khosro is sent from the president's office on a fact-finding mission to Shiraz, to investigate the complaints of a female political prisoner awaiting execution. Khosro's wife Fereshteh, being of the same generation as the prisoner, decides to do something about her situation. (DVD 891)

Ten - A portrait of contemporary Iran, as seen through the eyes of one woman as she drives through the streets of Tehran. Her journey is comprised of ten conversations with various female passengers, and shed light on the lives of these women whose voices are seldom heard. (DVD 4503)

The SilenceA hypnotic symphony of visual and aural rhythms. It follows the life of Khorshid, a blind 10-year-old boy who experiences life through hypnotic sounds and the music of the world. (DVD 13069)

A Time for Drunken Horses -  Just off the Iraqi border in the cold and stark mountains of Iranian Kurdistan, a boy is forced into the smuggling trade and his sister into a loveless marriage in order to raise money to get medical treatment for his older brother. (DVD 9651)