The Philadelphia Story - A sophisticated romantic comedy about a rich, spoiled socialite who learns some things about who she is and what she really wants on the eve of her second marriage. Co-starring Cary Grant and James Stewart.  (DVD 4303)

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner -
When the daughter of well-to-do liberal parents plans to marry a black doctor, both families must sit down face to face and examine each other’s level of intolerance. Directed by Stanley Kramer.  (DVD 2651)

Suddenly, Last Summer -
Beautiful Catherine Holly is committed to a mental institution after witnessing the death of her cousin. Her rich aunt tries to influence a young neurosurgeon to surgically end Catherine’s haunting hallucinations. (DVD 2574)

Bringing Up Baby -
Screwball comedy about an heiress who is determined to catch a stuffy zoologist, and uses her pet leopard, Baby, to help get his attention. (DVD 4302)

The Madwoman of Chaillot -
An eccentric countess upsets a plan to transform Paris into a giant oilfield. Based on the play by Jean Giraudoux. (DVD 21085)

Little Women -
Chronicles the humorous and sentimental fortunes of the four March sisters as they grew into young ladies during the harsh times of the Civil War. Based on the classic novel.  (DVD 766)

Stage Door -
The film depicts the fears, setbacks and daily struggles of aspiring young performers, and, for the very few, stardom and success. Directed by Gregory LaCava. (DVD 4305)

A Bill of Divorcement -
Hillary Fairfield (John Barrymore), who was shell-shocked during World War I, escapes from a mental asylum on the very day that his ex-wife is to remarry. When he returns home, he is jolted by a meeting with his daughter Sydney (Hepburn), who comes to realize she may have inherited the streak of insanity from her father. (VC 11289)

Pat and Mike -
A woman athlete of enormous promise in the worlds of both tennis and golf is pursued by a shady promoter, who hopes to make her famous and make some money in the process. Co-starring Spencer Tracy.  (DVD 1208)

Summertime -
The story of a witty but lonely secretary who takes a vacation in Venice, hoping to fall in love. She does - with a very handsome but very married Italian man. Directed by David Lean. (DVD 252)

State of the Union -
An idealistic industrialist who is drafted to run for the presidency  is caught between the ruthless ambition of a newspaper owner, who pulls the strings of his campaign, and the integrity of his wife who believes in the man behind the political facade. (VC 10805)

On Golden Pond -
One summer in the life of a crotchety, retired university professor and his family; dealing with the conflict among three generations. Also starring Henry Fonda and Jane Fonda. (DVD 21944)