All or Nothing - In a crowded South London apartment building, Penny, a working mom, struggles to keep her wayward daughter, her lazy son and her disillusioned partner on the right path. (DVD 2304)

Grown Ups -
Dick and Mandy, move to a new, rather small home and becoming neighbors to Mr. Butcher, an abrasive, ill-humored man who they once had as a schoolteacher. This rather awkward living situation soon becomes even more uncomfortable, thanks to the near-constant presence of Mandy's older sister, Gloria. (DVD 3260)

Vera Drake -
Vera Drake tells of a woman in 1950s England who is devoted to caring for her family, but secretly aids women who want to terminate unwanted pregnancies. When the authorities find her out, Vera’s world and family life rapidly unravel.  Starring Imelda Stauton. (DVD 4593)

Career Girls -
  Two unlikely college roommates become close friends amidst a dizzying whirl of books, baggage, booze and boyfriends. Reunited six years after graduation, Annie and Hannah take a funny poignant look at the girls they were-- and the women they have become. (DVD 8938)

Secrets & Lies -
After her adoptive parents die, a young black woman seeks out her natural birth mother only to discover her mother is white. Equally shocked to learn her daughter she gave up for adoption is black, Cynthia insists it’s a mistake. (DVD 11407)

Hard Labour -
Focuses on the grinding, daily abuse a poor, elderly woman suffers at the hands of her husband, her children and her employer. Starring Liz Smith. (DVD 3261)

Abigail's Party -
Unable to decide which is more important, her dying husband or her new, very expensive carpet, Beverly must come to terms with where her true priorities lay. (DVD 3259)

High Hopes -
Hilarious satire in the grand style of dry English humor. High hopes weaves a wonderful tapestry of yippies and yuppies, fantasy and reality, broken dreams and ... high hopes. (DVD 14788)

Who's Who -
Story about workers in a London brokerage firm, and their struggles with class and society. Their experiences prove, with humor, that the higher one rises on the social scale the more likely one is to be stupid, petty and greedy. (DVD 3824)

Bleak Moments -
Centers around a shy but intelligent middle-class girl, Sylvia, who is barely surviving suburban loneliness while looking after her mentally retarded sister Hilda. (DVD 3823)

Nuts in May -
Hilarious and appalling things happen to Keith and Candice-Marie, a pair of terrifically self-satisfied, middle-class vegans still high on love-philosophy of the 1960’s, when they go on a camping trip in Dorset. Starring Roger Sloman and Alison Steadman. (DVD 3822)

Naked -
A charming, eloquent, and vicious drifter on the lam in London rejects those who would care for him and hurls himself into a nocturnal odyssey through the city, colliding with a succession of desperate and dispossessed people and scorching everyone in his path. (DVD 4944)