Tokyo Story - An elderly couple travel from their rural home to the city to visit their grown children; the grown children treat them with selfishness, rejection, and indifference. One of the masterpieces of cinema. (DVD 2646)

Early Summer - The Mamiya family is seeking a husband for their daughter, Noriko, but she has ideas of her own. (DVD 3457)

An Autumn Afternoon - After living alone with his daughter for years, a widower must learn how to let her go, letting her be free to move on with her life, by arranging a marriage for her. (DVD 11861)

Tokyo Twilight - In the dead of winter, past and present traumas afflict two sisters and their aging father in this, one of Ozu's most heartbreaking and powerful works. (DVD 8834)

The End of Summer - Ozu's penultimate film tells the story of three sisters who are stunned to discover that their aging father is spending time with his old mistress. (DVD 8832)

Floating Weeds - A traveling troupe of actors visits a small town, and the chief actor renews his contact with a woman who bore the chief actor a son years ago. The son thinks his father is dead, and falls in love with one of the actresses, his father's current mistress. (DVD 2850)

Late Autumn - Ozu regular Setsuke Hara, once the marrying child in 'Late Spring', becomes the parent in this poignant tale of the bonds between a mother and daughter. (DVD 8836)

Equinox Flower - In Ozu's first color film, a stubborn businessman, who disapproves of his daughter's fiance, must learn to embrace modern romance. (DVD 8835)

Early Spring - A salaryman in postwar Tokyo has an illicit affair with an officemate in this moving portrait of a fragile marriage. (DVD 8833)

I Was Born, But... - A portrait of the financial and psychological toils of a family, as two young boys come to understand their father's low status in society. (DVD 11065)

Passing Fancy - Examines the close, but fraught, relationship between an illiterate brewery worker and his educated son. (DVD 11063)

Late Spring - A widowed father feels compelled to marry off his beloved only daughter. He leads her to believe that he is to be wed, thus freeing her from her obligations to him. (DVD 8108)

Tokyo Chorus - An insurance salesman, Shinji Okajima's colleague was fired for no apparent reason, so he protested against his company's president on behalf of his colleague. Then, Shinji also got fired. He starts working for his old school teacher's restaurant. (DVD 11064)