Strand: Under the Dark Cloth - An overview of the life and career of photographer Paul Strand. Features Strand's most famous photographs, clips from his films, and interviews with his wife, friends, and collaborators. (DVD 13207)

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye - Though the camera-shy shutterbug was reluctant to offer himself up as a subject, this documentary offers a rare moment alone with the photographer as he explores his portfolio and offers detailed insight into the remarkable images that moved millions. (DVD 5906)

War Photographer - James Nachtwey has been very close to the subjects he photographs and has been that way for over 20 years - a time period in which he has not missed a single war. James goes from Kosovo to the West Bank to Indonesia as he searches for pictures he can publish. This committed, shy man, is considered one of the bravest and most important war photographers of our time. (DVD 6758)

Lee Miller: Through the Mirror - Biographical film about the life of Lee Miller, model, news photographer, and friend to a variety of 20th century artistic figures. (DVD 10742)

Horst - This film features a study of Horst's work over six decades. The artist was influenced by classical art and incorporated images of it into his photography. The film follows the career of the legendary photographer from his early portrait work in the 1930s through his years of fashion and interior photographs for Vogue, House and Garden, and Architectural Digest. (DVD 12746)

Photography and the Brain - The program explains how the eye and brain process information from the visual world. It goes on to explain how proximity, similarity, and continuity affect perception, as well as what light is and how lighting types and angles alter an image. (DVD 2560)

What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann - What Remains returns to follow the creation of Mann's new seminal work: a photo series revolving around various aspects of death and decay. Never one to compromise, Sally Mann reflects on her own personal feelings toward death as she continues to examine the boundaries of contemporary photography. (DVD 10547)

Tilting at Space: The Work of Jan Groover - Presents a documentary on the techniques and work of artistic photographer, Jan Groover. (DVD 5739)

Rodchenko and the Russian Avant Garde - In the early 1920s Alexander Rodchenko the Russian avant-garde artist, abandoned painting in favour of photography believing it to be the best way of exploring the new visual frontiers which were emerging at that time. (DVD 10317)

John Szarkowski: A Life in Photography - Examines his life as both curator and photographer, a career he abandoned and recently returned to with the publication of Mr. Bristol's Barn. Discusses how he helped establish photography for the first time as a true and different kind of art. (DVD 6612)

Photographer - In 1987, 400 color slides were found in a second-hand bookstore in Vienna. The photographs were taken in the Lodz Ghetto by Walter Genewein, the Nazi's chief accountant for the notorious slave labor camp for Jews. (DVD 4743)

Truth or Fiction?: Photography and Ethics - The film uses case studies involving Iwo Jima, Elian Gonzalez, and O.J. Simpson to show how images can be manipulated to influence the way viewers perceive events. Covers the ethics of photography and the positive and negative impacts of digital technology. (DVD 2566)

W. Eugene Smith: Photography Made Difficult - A profile of W. Eugene Smith as told through his photographs, interviews and dramatized sequences. (DVD 7799)