Jaws - A man-eating shark causes havoc off the Long Island coast on the fourth of July holiday. Three men join together to hunt and destroy it. (DVD 1438)

Das Boot - Follows the daring patrol of the U-96, one of the famed German U-boats known as the "gray wolves." The crew is graphically portrayed in a life and death struggle, challenging the British Navy at every turn. (DVD 1961)

The Old Man and the Sea - An aging Cuban fisherman, alone in a small skiff, catches a magnificent marlin and must defy the sea, marauding sharks, and his own flagging strength to bring his great catch home. (DVD 1350)

Finding Nemo - The adventures of a pair of clownfish--the little Nemo of the title who is kidnapped from the ocean by a scuba diver, and Marlin, his anxiety-ridden, over-protective father, who goes on an odyssey to recover him. (DVD 3334)

The Cruel Sea - Lt. Commander Ericson and his crew find they are fighting not only the Germans, but the age-old enemy, the sea, in this World War II action drama. Based on a novel by Nicholas Monsarrat. (DVD 6382)

Ship of Fools - In 1933 on a German luxury liner sailing from Mexico to Germany, the separate but interlocking stories of the various passengers begins to unfold. Among the many passengers is a divorcee desperate for love and lost youth, a Spanish noblewoman being deported as a political prisoner, an aging alcoholic ballplayer, and a budding Nazi whose brutishness foreshadows the holocaust to come. (DVD 5357)

Lifeboat - When an their vessel is torpedoed in the Atlantic Ocean during WWII, eight survivors find refuge in a lifeboat. Short on food and water, their situation is further complicated when they rescue a crew member from the German submarine that sank their ship. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. (DVD 6992)

A Night to Remember - In his unforgettable rendering of Walter Lord's book of the same name, the acclaimed British director Roy Ward Baker depicts with sensitivity, awe, and a fine sense of tragedy the Titanic's final hours. Featuring remarkably restrained performances, A Night To Remember is cinema's subtlest, finest dramatization of this monumental twentieth-century catastrophe. (DVD 21630)

The Life Aquatic - Internationally reknown oceanographer Steve Zissou and his crew - Team Zissou - set sail on an expedition to hunt down the mysterious, always elusive, possibly non-existant Jaguar Shark that supposedly killed Zissou's partner during the documentary filming of their latest adventure. Directed by Wes Anderson. (DVD 4340)

The Abyss - When a nuclear submarine mysteriously sinks, the Navy commandeers the crew of a civilian deep sea oil rig to help in the rescue operation. This perilous mission becomes a wondrous odyssey into the unknown as forces from the ocean's deepest region begin to make contact with the divers. (DVD 526)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - A trouble-shooting 19th century seaman is trying to discover why so many whaling ships have been disappearing of late. Teaming with a scientist and a diver, they set sail to investigate. They are promptly captured by the megalomaniac Captain Nemo, who skippers a lavish, scientifically advanced submarine. (DVD 6871)

Mutiny on the Bounty - In 1789, the English ship H.M.S. Bounty begins a two-year mission. The ship travels to Tahiti to obtain breadfruit plants that will provide cheap food for slaves in the West Indies. The captain is William Bligh, a vicious taskmaster who doesn't flinch at giving two dozen lashes to any malcontent on board. The first mate is Lt. Fletcher Christian, who despises Bligh but has somehow earned the captain's respect. Tensions exculate until a mutiny breaks out. (DVD 18056)

Moby Dick - Consumed by an insane rage, Captain Ahab has but one purpose in life - revenge on the great white whale who maimed and disfigured him. Screenplay by Ray Bradbury. Directed by John Huston. (DVD 1287)