Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film - A riveting and often deepl moving portrait of the most famous and controversial artist of the second half of the twentieth century.  Warhol's life is presented through interviews and rare footage. (DVD 8147)

Chelsea Girls - One of the first "underground" films of the 1960's to achieve a degree of mainstream acceptance, the film offers a long, unblinking look into the lives of Andy Warhol's retinue of "superstars" as they showed off for the camera in their various rooms in the notorious Chelsea Hotel, long a favored New York hangout for writers, artists and bohemians. (DVD 3538)

13 Most Beautiful... Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests - Warhol's Screen Tests, which number approximately 500, are beautiful and revealing portraits of hundreds of different individuals, shot between 1964 and 1966. Thirteen are presented here for the first time on DVD. (DVD 13702)

Nico Icon - Documentary about Christa Paffgen, German model, singer and occasional actress who became the pop icon Nico and a regular at Warhol's Factory. (DVD 3018)

Cocaine Cowboys - A band of rock musicians want to get out of their sideline business of cocaine smuggling. Warhol appears as himself. (DVD 3919)

Trash - The story of Joe and his lover-protector, Holly who try to make a go of things in their Lower East Side basement, from which Holly goes forth from time to time to cruise Fillmore East and to scavenge garbage cans, while Joe's journeys are in search of real junk. This Warhol production was directed by Paul Morrissey. (DVD 717)

Pie in the Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story - As an Andy Warhol bad-girl, Brigid Berlin takes us on a ride through the Factory era. She creates unique performance pieces and incorporates Polaroid pictures and audiotapes into her works. (DVD 3356)

The Nude Restaurant - In this experimental film Warhol that satirizes pornography in film and American culture. A group of Warhol's regular "Superstars," wearing only G-strings, improvise monologues and dialogues in a restaurant. (DVD 10033)

My Hustler - Experimental film in which an aging "queen" on Fire Island has rented a weekend companion from "Dial-a-Hustler," only to compete with his male and female neighbors for the young man's attention.  (DVD 10031)

Lonsome Cowboys - Warhol's film satirizes the Hollywood western. Actors Viva, Taylor Mead, Joe Dallesandro, and others, clothed and unclothed, improvise a parody of standard cowboy behavior around the set of an "old west" town. (DVD 10030)

A Walk Into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory - An examination disappearance of Danny Williams, a young filmmaker, Andy Warhol's lover. Includes astonishing footage from recently discovered films. (DVD 12888)

Women in Revolt - Three girls from different walks of life have different problems relating to men. They decide to give up men and become lesbians and attempt careers, only to end up either exploited, derelict or abandoned. Produced by Warhol and directed by Paul Morrissey. (DVD 3014)