About the Collection

This is a collection of film advertisements and transcripts of Chinese documentary films and newsreels that spans the years 1946-1985. The bulk of the items are transcripts of documentary films and newsreels from the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Topics include:

  • agriculture
  • cultural & sporting events
  • education
  • foreign relations
  • industry
  • medicine & science
  • military matters
  • political movements
  • public health care & the economy

Our collection also contains printed advertisements and other publicity for:

  • Chinese & foreign films
  • local performances
  • operas
  • plays

About the Index

This index lists the 655 film titles included in the collection (following the arrangment of the digitized collection). You can browse film titles or sort them by:

  • category
  • subcategory
  • date
  • title number
  • film director
  • production year

To view details about each film, click on the title name. Then, use the index information to access the full text document of that film in the digitized collection