Downloadable E-Book of Conference Proceedings


The proceedings of "What Does It Mean To Be An Educated Woman" have now been published together as a free e-book.

Have a Kindle or Kindle app for your PC? Download this file: Educated Woman Ebook for Kindle

Have the iBooks app on your iPad or other Apple device? Download this file: Educated Woman Ebook for iBooks

Both files will also work in an open source reader like Calibre. If you want to view the book this way, you can freely download the Calibre reader to your PC, Mac, or Linux device by going to the Calibre download page.  Save either file to your machine. Open your Calibre reader and simply add it to your library of books.

Please note that ebook readers retain basic formatting but other aspects of the book such as page breaks and font size are determined by the settings within your reader so the appearance of the book will change from reader to reader.