The Archive of Documentary Arts is committed to diversifying its collection in order to better reflect the multitude of viewpoints and communities from which work is being made in the documentary arts today. Selected photographers receive a $4500.00 honorarium to print a body of work which will be acquired by the Archive of Documentary Arts and added to our permanent collection. Selected work will be preserved at the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke University, and available for use by students, faculty, and independent researchers. The ADA also promotes collection material through exhibition and a variety of public programs. 

2018 ADA Collection Award Winners

Akea Brionne Brown | Leah Dyjak | Priya Kambli | Veronica Melendez | Zora J. Murff | John Tully

Award for Documentarians of Color

Akea Brown for the series Black Picket Fences

Guide to the Akea Brionne Brown photographs

Black woman sitting in a chair, taken by Akea Brown.

Award for Documentarians of The American South

Veronica Melendez for the series Le pido a Dios que no me olviden
Guide to the Veronica Melendez Photographs

Latino boy sitting in a restaurant reading a book, photograph by Veronica Melendez


Award for Documentarians of Environmental Change

Leah Dyjak for the series New Beach

Guide to the Leah Dyjak photographs

Empty parking lot submerged by ocean water, photograph by Leah Dyjak

John Tully for the series Shifting Sands

Guide to the John Tully photographs

Interior of a house with a door to the outside opened, sand is pouring into the house, taken by John Tully

Award for Emerging Documentarians

Zora J. Murff for the series Corrections
Guide to the Zora J. Murff photographs

Security camera in the corner of a cinder block room, photograph by Zora J. Murff

Award for Women Documentarians

Priya Kambli for the series Color Falls Down
Guide to the Priya Kambli photographs

"Me (Orange), 2008" by Priya Kambli

2017 ADA Collection Award Winners

Jasmine Clark | Jess T. Dugan | McNair Evans | Lauren Henkin | Joshua Rashaad McFadden

Award for Documentarians of Color

Joshua Rashaad McFadden for the series Come to Selfhood
Collection guide for the Joshua Rashaad McFadden Photographs

Portraits of a young African American man paired with photograph of his father as a young man, with handwritten text below the portrait of the father

Award for Emerging Documentarian

Jasmine Clark for the series After Eisenhower
Collection guide for the Jasmine Clark photographs

One story building with a mural including the American flag and the statue of liberty with "Live Free or Die" written above the flag.

Award for Women Documentarians

Jess T. Dugan for the series To Survive on this Shore
Guide to the Jess T. Dugan photographs

Portrait of Hank, 76, and Samm, 67, from series on transgender and gender non-conforming older adults

Award for Innovation in the Documentary Arts

McNair Evans for the series In Search of Great Men
Guide to the McNair Evans photographs

Two people in the dining car of a train, seated at a table facing one another

Award for Documentarians of The American South

Lauren Henkin for the series What’s Lost is Found
Collection guide to the Lauren Henkin photographs

2016 ADA Collection Award Winners

Debi Cornwall | Jeanine Michna-Bales | Paccarik Orue | Adam Reynolds | Jay Turner Frey Seawell

Award for Documentarians of Color

Paccarik Orue for the series El Muqui
Guide to the Paccarik Orue photographs

Looking down onto an open-pit mine

Award for Emerging Documentarian

Adam Reynolds for the series Architecture of Existential Threat
Guide to the Adam Reynolds photographs

black couch with a wall decal showing a tropical island on the wall above it

Award for Women Documentarians

Debi Cornwall for her collective works on Guantánamo Bay
Guide to the Debi Cornwall photographs

Three soldiers in fatigues seen from behind, standing on a concrete patio overlooking the ocean.

Award for Innovation in the Documentary Arts

Jay Turner Frey Seawell for the series National Trust & The Mall
Guide to the Jay Turner Frey Seawell photographs

Blue theatre curtain lit from behind, revealing images of peoples filming

Award for Documentarians of The American South

Jeanine Michna-Bales for the series From Darkness to Light: Seeking Freedom on the Underground Railroad
Guide to the Jeanine Michna-Bales photographs

Meadow or field at night with a moon in the sky

2015 Collection Award Winners

Ben Alper | Sarah Christianson | Eliot Dudik | Rebecca Sittler | Wendel White

Award for Documentarians of Color

Wendel White for the series Manifest
Guide to the Wendel White photographs

Photograph of a tintype photograph showing an African American man

Award for Emerging Documentarian

Eliot Dudik for the series Road Ends in Water
Guide to the Eliot Dudik photographs

Landscape of wetland, with birds flying in the air

Award for Innovation in the Documentary Arts

Rebecca Sittler for the series All the Presidents' Men
Guide to the Rebecca Sittler papers

Leather chair at a table with a reflective surface, a painted portrait of Abraham Lincoln in a gold frame is seen in the reflection

Award for Women Documentarians

Sarah Christianson for the series When the Landscape is Quiet Again: North Dakota’s Oil Boom
Guide to the Sarah Christianson photographs

Landscape of a rural valley with a large fire in the midground

Award for Documentarians Working in North Carolina

Ben Alper for the series Index of Walking
Guide to the Ben Alper photographs

House amid trees, taken at night, but brightly lit