Guide to the Census Non-Population Schedules, 1850-1880


Collection contains the original returns compiled by the census enumerator. Schedules exist in four main categories: agriculture, manufacturing, "defective, dependent, and delinquent classes," and social statistics. The 7th (1850); 8th (1860); 9th (1870); and 10th (1880) censuses are included, while the states covered are Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Virginia, with scattered records for Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming. In many cases the returns are not complete. For a given schedule all counties of a state may not be represented.

Collection Details

Collection Number
Census Non-Population Schedules
United States. Bureau of the Census
50 Linear Feet, 134 Items
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Material in English

Collection Overview

Original census returns as collected by the census enumerators containing abundant detailed information on the various questions covered. The following states and schedules are in the collection, either in part or in full, by counties which constitute the last item shown in the following list:

Colorado: agriculture, 1870, Arapahoe to Weld; manufacturing, 1870, Arapahoe to Weld; social statistics, 1870, Arapahoe to Weld; agriculture, 1880, Arapahoe to Weld; defective classes, 1880, Arapahoe to Weld; manufacturing, 1880, Arapahoe to Summit.

District of Columbia: agriculture, manufacturing, and social statistics, 1850, 1860, 1870; agriculture, 1880; detectives, delinquents, and dependents, special manufacturing schedules, 1880; indigent and pauper, 1880.

Georgia: agriculture, 1850, Appling to Putnam; social statistics, 1850, Baker to Wilkinson; agriculture, 1860, Appling to Worth; social statistics, 1860, Appling to Worth; agriculture, 1870, Appling to Worth; social statistics, 1870, Appling to Worth; agriculture, 1880, Appling to Worth; defective, delinquent, and dependent classes, 1880, Appling to Worth; manufacturing, 1880, Appling to Worth.

Kentucky: agriculture, 1850, Adair to Woodford; manufacturing, 1850, Adair to Woodford; social statistics, 1850, Adair to Woodford; agriculture, 1860, Adair to Woodford; manufacturing, 1860, Adair to Woodford; social statistics, 1860, Adair to Woodford; agriculture, 1870, Adair to Woodford; agriculture (recapitulation), 1870, Allen to Woodford; manufacturing, 1870, Adair to Woodford; social statistics, 1870, Adair to Woodford; agriculture, 1880, Adair to Woodford; defective, delinquent dependent classes, 1880, Adair to Woodford; manufacturing, 1880, Adair to Woodford.

Louisiana: agriculture, 1850, Ascension to Washington; social statistics, 1850, Assumption to Washington; agriculture, 1860, Ascension to Winn; social statistics, 1860, Ascension to Winn; agriculture, 1870, Ascension to Winn; agriculture (recapitulation), 1870, Ascension to Winn; social statistics, 1870, Ascension to West Feliciana; agriculture, 1880, Ascension to Winn; defective, delinquent, and dependent classes, 1880, Ascension to Winn; manufacturing, 1880, Ascension to Winn.

Montana: agriculture, 1880.

Nevada: agriculture, 1880.

Tennessee: agriculture, 1850, Anderson to Wilson; manufacturing, 1850, Anderson to Wilson; social statistics, 1850, Anderson to Wilson; agriculture, 1860, Anderson to Wilson; manufacturing, 1860, Monroe to Wilson; social statistics, 1860, Anderson to Wilson; agriculture, 1870, Anderson to Wilson; manufacturing, 1870, Anderson to Lewis; social statistics, 1870, Anderson to Wilson; agriculture, 1880, Anderson to Wilson; defective, dependent, and delinquent classes, 1880, Anderson to Wilson; manufacturing, 1880, Anderson to Wilson.

Virginia: free inhabitants, slaves, deaths, agriculture, manufacturing, social statistics, 1860, Halifax.

Wyoming: agriculture, 1880.

With the exception of the Colorado material, all records are also on microfilm.

[Description taken from Guide to the Cataloged Collections in the Manuscript Department of the William R. Perkins Library, Duke University (1980)]

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Contents of the Collection

Colorado: Agriculture: Arapahoe - Weld (1870)
Volume ff:2401
Colorado: Agriculture: Arapahoe - Weld, recapitulation (1870)
Volume ff:2402
Colorado: Manufacturing: Arapahoe - Weld (1870)
Volume ff:2403
Colorado: Social Statistics: Arapahoe - Weld (1870)
Volume ff:2404
Colorado: Defective, dependent, and delinquent classes: Arapahoe - Weld (1880)
Volume ff:2406
Colorado: Manufacturing: Arapahoe - Summit (1880)
Volume ff:2407
District of Columbia: Agricultural, manufacturing, social statistics (1850, 1860, 1870)
Volume ff:2409
District of Columbia: Agriculture (1880)
Volume ff:2410
District of Columbia: Defectives, dependents, and delinquents; Special manufacturing schedules (1880)
Volume ff:2411
District of Columbia: Pauper and indigent (1880)
Volume ff:2412
Georgia: Agriculture: Appling - Crawford (1850)
Volume ff:2413
Georgia: Agriculture: Dade - Houston (1850)
Volume ff:2414
Georgia: Agriculture: Irwin - Putnam (1850)
Volume ff:2415
Georgia: Social Statistics: Baker - Wilkinson (1850)
Volume ff:2416
Georgia: Agriculture (1860)
Volume ff:2418
Georgia: Social Statistics: Appling - Worth (1860)
Volume ff:2420
Georgia: Agriculture (1860)
Volume SS:105
Georgia: Agriculture (1860)
Volume SS:97
Georgia: Agriculture: Appling - Jackson (1870)
Volume ff:2421
Georgia: Agriculture: Jasper - Worth (1870)
Volume ff:2422
Georgia: Agriculture: Appling - Worth, recapitulation (1870)
Volume ff:2423
Georgia: Social Statistics: Appling - Worth (1870)
Volume ff:2424
Georgia: Agriculture: Appling - Butts (1880)
Volume ff:2425
Georgia: Agriculture: Calhoun - Clay (1880)
Volume ff:2426
Georgia: Agriculture: Clayton - Dodge (1880)
Volume ff:2427
Georgia: Agriculture: Dooly - Franklin (1880)
Volume ff:2428
Georgia: Agriculture: Fulton - Haralson (1880)
Volume ff:2429
Georgia: Agriculture: Harris - Laurens (1880)
Volume ff:2430
Georgia: Agriculture: Lee - Miller (1880)
Volume ff:2431
Georgia: Agriculture: Milton - Pickens (1880)
Volume ff:2432
Georgia: Agriculture: Pierce - Talbot (1880)
Volume ff:2433
Georgia: Agriculture: Taliaferro - Walker (1880)
Volume ff:2434
Georgia: Agriculture: Walton - Worth (1880)
Volume ff:2435
Georgia: Defective, dependent, and delinquent classes: Appling - Harris (1880)
Volume ff:2436
Georgia: Defective, dependent, and delinquent classes: Hart - Worth (1880)
Volume ff:2437
Georgia: Manufacturing: Appling - Hall (1880)
Volume ff:2438
Georgia: Manufacturing: Hancock - Worth (1880)
Volume ff:2439
Kentucky: Social Statistics: Adair - Woodford (1850)
Volume ff:2400
Kentucky: Agriculture: Adair - Carter (1850)
Volume ff:2440
Kentucky: Agriculture: Casey - Grayson (1850)
Volume ff:2441
Kentucky: Agriculture: Green - Lawrence (1850)
Volume ff:2442
Kentucky: Agriculture: Letcher - Nelson (1850)
Volume ff:2443
Kentucky: Agriculture: Nicholas - Woodford (1850)
Volume ff:2444
Kentucky: Manufacturing: Adair - Woodford (1850)
Volume ff:2445
Kentucky: Agriculture: Adair - Breathitt (1860)
Volume ff:2446
Kentucky: Agriculture: Bracken - Fleming (1860)
Volume ff:2447
Kentucky: Agriculture: Floyd - Nicholas (1860)
Volume ff:2448
Kentucky: Agriculture: Kenton - Montgomery (1860)
Volume ff:2449
Kentucky: Agriculture: Ohio - Woodford (1860)
Volume ff:2450
Kentucky: Manufacturing: Adair - Woodford (1860)
Volume ff:2451
Kentucky: Social Statistics: Adair - Woodford (1860)
Volume ff:2452
Kentucky: Agriculture: Adair - Hancock (1870)
Volume ff:2453
Kentucky: Agriculture: Christian - Lyon (1870)
Volume ff:2454
Kentucky: Agriculture: Madison - Pendleton (1870)
Volume ff:2455
Kentucky: Agriculture: Perry - Woodford (1870)
Volume ff:2456
Kentucky: Agriculture: Allen - Woodford, recapitulation (1870)
Volume ff:2457
Kentucky: Manufacturing: Adair - Woodford (1870)
Volume ff:2458
Kentucky: Social Statistics: Adair - Woodford (1870)
Volume ff:2459
Kentucky: Agriculture: Adair - Bell (1880)
Volume ff:2460
Kentucky: Agriculture: Boone - Butler (1880)
Volume ff:2461
Kentucky: Agriculture: Caldwell - Christian (1880)
Volume ff:2462
Kentucky: Agriculture: Clark - Elliott (1880)
Volume ff:2463
Kentucky: Agriculture: Estill - Grant (1880)
Volume ff:2464
Kentucky: Agriculture: Graves - Harden (1880)
Volume ff:2465
Kentucky: Agriculture: Harlan - Hopkins (1880)
Volume ff:2466
Kentucky: Agriculture: Jackson - Lawrence (1880)
Volume ff:2467
Kentucky: Agriculture: Lee - McLean (1880)
Volume ff:2468
Kentucky: Agriculture: Madison - Mercer (1880)
Volume ff:2469
Kentucky: Agriculture: Metcalf - Nicholas (1880)
Volume ff:2470
Kentucky: Agriculture: Ohio - Powell (1880)
Volume ff:2471
Kentucky: Agriculture: Pulaski - Shelby (1880)
Volume ff:2472
Kentucky: Agriculture: Simpson - Union (1880)
Volume ff:2473
Kentucky: Agriculture: Warren - Woodford (1880)
Volume ff:2474
Kentucky: Defectives, delinquents, and dependents: Adair - Jackson (1880)
Volume ff:2475
Kentucky: Defectives, delinquents, and dependents: Jefferson - Woodford (1880)
Volume ff:2476
Kentucky: Manufacturing: Adair - Hopkins (1880)
Volume ff:2477
Kentucky: Manufacturing: Jefferson - Woodford (1880)
Volume ff:2478
Louisiana: Agriculture: Ascension - Washington (1850)
Volume ff:2479
Louisiana: Agriculture: Ascension - Winn (1860)
Volume ff:2481
Louisiana: Agriculture: Ascension - Winn (1870)
Volume ff:2399
Louisiana: Agriculture: Ascension - Winn, recapitulation (1870)
Volume ff:2482
Louisiana: Agriculture: Ascension - Claiborne (1880)
Volume ff:2483
Louisiana: Agriculture: Concordia - Lafourche (1880)
Volume ff:2484
Louisiana: Agriculture: Lincoln - Sabine (1880)
Volume ff:2485
Louisiana: Agriculture: St. Bernard - Tensas (1880)
Volume ff:2486
Louisiana: Agriculture: Terrebonne - Winn (1880)
Volume ff:2487
Louisiana: Defective, dependent, and delinquent classes: Ascension - Winn (1880)
Volume ff:2488
Louisiana: Manufacturing: Ascension - Winn (1880)
Volume ff:2489
Louisiana: Social Statistics: Assumption - Washington (1850); Ascension - Winn (1860); Ascension - West Feliciana (1870)
Volume ff:2480
Montana: Agriculture (1880)
Volume ff:2410
Nevada: Agriculture (1880)
Volume ff:2410
Tennessee: Agriculture: Anderson - Franklin (1850)
Volume ff:2490
Tennessee: Agriculture: Gibson - Humphreys (1850)
Volume ff:2491
Tennessee: Agriculture: Jackson - Monroe (1850)
Volume ff:2492
Tennessee: Agriculture: Montgomery - Smith (1850)
Volume ff:2493
Tennessee: Agriculture: Stewart - Wilson (1850)
Volume ff:2494
Tennessee: Manufacturing: Anderson - Wilson (1850)
Volume ff:2495
Tennessee: Social Statistics: Anderson - Wilson (1850)
Volume ff:2400
Tennessee: Agriculture: Anderson - Fayette (1860)
Volume ff:2496
Tennessee: Agriculture: Fentriss - Haywood (1860)
Volume ff:2497
Tennessee: Agriculture: Henderson - McNairy (1860)
Volume ff:2498
Tennessee: Agriculture: Macon - Rutherford (1860)
Volume ff:2499
Tennessee: Agriculture: Scott - Wilson (1860)
Volume ff:2500
Tennessee: Manufacturing: Monroe - Wilson (1860)
Volume ff:2501
Tennessee: Social Statistics: Anderson - Wilson (1860)
Volume ff:2502
Tennessee: Agriculture: Anderson - Dickson (1870)
Volume ff:2503
Tennessee: Agriculture: Dyer - Hancock (1870)
Volume ff:2504
Tennessee: Agriculture: Hardeman - Lawrence (1870)
Volume ff:2505
Tennessee: Agriculture: Morgan - Sullivan (1870)
Volume ff:2506
Tennessee: Agriculture: Lewis - Montgomery (1870)
Volume ff:2507
Tennessee: Agriculture: Sumner - Wilson (1870)
Volume ff:2508
Tennessee: Manufacturing: Anderson - Lewis (1870)
Volume ff:2509
Tennessee: Social Statistics: Anderson - Wilson (1870)
Volume ff:2510
Tennessee: Agriculture: Anderson - Carter (1880)
Volume ff:2511
Tennessee: Agriculture: Cheatham - DeKalb (1880)
Volume ff:2512
Tennessee: Agriculture: Dickson - Giles (1880)
Volume ff:2513
Tennessee: Agriculture: Grainger - Hawkins (1880)
Volume ff:2514
Tennessee: Agriculture: Haywood - Jefferson (1880)
Volume ff:2515
Tennessee: Agriculture: Johnson - McNary (1880)
Volume ff:2516
Tennessee: Agriculture: Moore - Robertson (1880)
Volume ff:2517
Tennessee: Agriculture: Rutherford - Smith (1880)
Volume ff:2518
Tennessee: Agriculture: Stewart - Warren (1880)
Volume ff:2519
Tennessee: Agriculture: Washington - Wilson (1880)
Volume ff:2520
Tennessee: Defective, dependent, and delinquent classes: Anderson - Hickman (1880)
Volume ff:2521
Tennessee: Defective, dependent, and delinquent classes: Houston - Wilson (1880)
Volume ff:2522
Tennessee: Manufacturing: Anderson - Lawrence (1880)
Volume ff:2523
Tennessee: Manufacturing: Lewis - Wilson (1880)
Volume ff:2524
Virginia: Free inhabitants, slaves, deaths, agriculture, manufacturing, social statistics: Halifax County (1860)
Volume ff:2525
Wyoming: Agriculture (1880)
Volume ff:2410

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The Census Non-Population Schedules, 1850-1880 were received by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library as a transfer from the Headquarters of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, D.C. in 1934.

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