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Warner Max Corden (W. M. Corden) is an Australian economist specializing in trade protection. His collection includes materials from his studies, work, and professorship in Australia, as well as drafts, publications, and reviews of his writings.

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Collection Number
Warner Max Corden papers
1958-2012 and undated
Corden, W. M. (Warner Max)
4.5 Linear Feet
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
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Collection Overview

Collection consists of materials from W. Max Corden, including writings, correspondence, and project files from his studies and career at Oxford, the International Monetary Fund, and the Australian National University. Items in this collection have been described and sorted by Corden; descriptions are replicated here. He has largely arranged the materials to correspond with his professional career; materials from his time working at Oxford, IMF, and SAIF have been separated from his materials produced in Australia. The collection also contains series based on format, including conferences and lectures, writings and publications, and correspondence files.

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Collection has been arranged by Corden into series based on the various stages of his professional life and work. Each file was assembled by him and contains summary material that has been transcribed in this guide. Series-level descriptions have been created by Rubenstein Library staff.

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Contents of the Collection

Autobiographical/ Information

Includes Curriculum Vitae; four turning points in my life; making a difference: writing about tariff policy 1958-67; effective protection and I; a conversation with Max Corden; my publications 1953-2002 with comments.

Box 1

2. Australia, 1958-2000

This series contains the first academic stage of Corden in Australia. It includes materials documenting his student life at the University of Melbourne, his roles as a professor and a research fellow at both the University of Melbourne and Australian National University (ANU), and his later visits to Australia from Washington D.C as a professor at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University.

University of Melbourne Period, 1958-1961

Includes files on teaching; public lectures; invitation; letters from Russell Mathews, Wilfred Salter, Geoff Harcourt, Heinz Arndt.

Box 1
First ANU Period, 1962-1967

Includes correspondence, lecture notes, comments on drafts of books, conference materials from 1962-1967--the first ANU period.

Box 1
Second ANU Period, 1977-1986

Includes details of international trips, and various talks and seminars during the second ANU period.

Box 1
Visit from Oxford to Australia, 1967-1976

Includes materials from two separate visits to Canberra and Melbourne from Oxford.

Box 1
Visits from Washington to Australia, SAIS etc., 1987-2000

Includes a summary of the visit to Australia.

Box 1
Visit from Washington to Australia, SAIS, 1995

Includes distinguished fellow award; honorary degree; lectures and seminars; list of 12 books on Australia donated to ANU library; letter to Bob Gregory.

Box 1
Various Australian re WMC: Econ policies discussion booklet, 1960-1999

Includes articles from Groenewegen and McFarlane; Christopher Findlay; Edward Elgar; Kym Anderson; Tim Colebatch, correspondence with Simon Crean; Harry Johnson; Peter Ryan; Ern Boehm; Fred Gruen; Keith Hancock; Richard Snape.

Box 1
Australian correspondence, 1977-1985 and later

Includes correspondence with Bob Gregory; Melbourne University Press; Steve Turnovsky; Ann Stephen; Jack Duloy; Stanley Fisher; David Bensusan Butt; Melbourne H.S.Old Boys; Chris Higgins; John Fraser; Ian Watt; John Wood; Jerzy Zubrzycki; the Burton girls.

Box 1
Australian correspondence to Washington, 1988-2000
Box 1

3. Oxford, IMF, SAIS, 1975-2012

This series chronicles Corden's academic work outside of Australia after finishing his Ph.D. degree at LSE. Corden stayed in Oxford for nine years (1966-1975) for the Nuffield Readership in International Economics. He wrote three books and several more articles during his time in Oxford. The Theory of Protection and Trade Policy and Economic Welfare were based on work he had started in Australia. The materials also contain his works as both a consultant at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and as a professor at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) after 1988.

Oxford 1967-1976, 1967-1979, 2012

Includes: lectures/seminars for International Economics and Welfare Economics; details about Nuffield College appointment and retirement, as well as Drummond Chair (1979) and Corden's obituary for Ian Little (2012).

Box 1
Oxford: Corden, Little, Scott on import controls, 1975

Includes discussion on import controls implimented by the Cambridge Economic Policy Group (CEPG).

Box 1
IMF, 1986-1988

Includes appointment letter to IMF; lunch schedule 1986-87; WMC reports on meetings attended; Executive Board seminar; notes on "structural policies in industrial countries" and trade policy.

Box 1
SAIS (mail file), 1989-2002

Includes appointment letter from Dean Packard, correspondence with Flora; Russ Dyk; Fouad Ajami, Farewell materials in 2002.

Box 1
SAIS teaching, 1989-2002

Notes on advanced int. monetary course; teaching awards; list of total number of class attendees; list of all Tas from 1989 to 2002.

Box 1
SAIS various, 1993-2004

Includes notes and full reports for Wolfowitz and Ajami, and various aocuments on SAIS colleagues--James Riedel; Isaiah Frank; Krishna; Charles Peason; David Fernandez.

Box 1
SAIS Period: Talk and Interviews, 1989-2002

Includes notes mostly on SAIS or elsewhere in Washington D.C.

Box 1
Lectures at IMF institute, 1992-2012

Includes 15 lectures on the topic of exchange rate policies for LDCs at IMF.

Box 1

4. Visits and Trips, 1964-2000

This series includes materials relating to Corden's academic visits and trips to various international trade conferences around the world.

Big UK-USA Trip, 1964-1965

Includes a summary of the visit to Britain with all seminars and talks recorded.

Box 1
The Group of 30, 1981-1995

Includes correspondence with Guillermo de la Dehesa; Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa; Robert Roosa; Otmar Emminger; Charles Taylor; Janos Fekete; Venice 1990 meeting.

Box 1
Visits and conferences, 1968-1985

Includes details of visits and conferences to the UK Treasury; Queens University; World Bank; Brookings; Mannheim; Bank of England; Dublin; Civil Service College; Bicentenary of the Wealth of Nations; Tilburg and Louvain; Seoul; Tokyo; Lloyds Bank; Konstanz; Santiago de Chile; Helsinki; Maui; Bretton Woods; Namur, etc.

Box 1
Term visits, 1971-1986

Includes details of courses taught during three term visits (Minnesota 1971; Princeton 1973; Harvard 1986)

Box 1
Sweden-Stockholm Visits, 1982-2000

Includes annual report of the institute 1982/83; reports on five Candidates for the Chair of International Economic Studies; Ohlin lecture visit September 2000.

Box 1
Singapore Visit, 1998

Includes a list of talks; lists of participants; notes; information about ISEAS; newspaper report of talk.

Box 1
Longer visits, 1976-1986

Includes details of longer visits to Chicago; Paris(OECD); Singapore; Group pf Thirty; Kiel.

Box 1
Overseas trips from Canberra, 1977-1986

Includes Delhi conference; Geneva Institute 50th anniversary; WB and IMF; London (City University); Hamburg conference on Latin America; Singapore (MAS), etc.

Box 1

5. Conferences and Lectures, 1983-2001

This series contains conference and teaching materials mainly from Corden's time in IMF and SAIS.

IMF: conferences and lectures, 1987-1988
Box 1
Conference materials, SAIS-period (mainland USA), 1989-2001

Includes conference arrangements and correspondence for 13 conferences in 28 years.

Box 1
Conference materials, SAIS-period (outside of mainland USA), 1989-2001

Includes conference arrangements and correspondence for 15 conferences in 28 years.

Box 1
SAIS-period talks, 1989-2000

Notes and preparatory materials for Corden's lectures, delivered outside of SAIS both in the United States and abroad.

Box 2
World Bank conferences and talks, 1989-2000

Notes on inflation, including case studies; macroeconomic implications of debt; exchange rate policy for developing countries; regional arrangements for developing countries; boom/crisis; overview of LA trade reform and exchange rate issues; currency boards; making mineral wealth pay; and ABCD-LAC conference, 2000. Also includes notes and evaluations from Trade Policy Reform Workshops, 1989-1995.

Box 2
Bologna-Claremont Monetary Conferences, 1983-2000

Notes for lecture to SAIS-Bologna students about the International Monetary System. Also, notes for talk on "The Competitiveness Problem".

Box 2

6. Name Files, 1957-2001

This series includes personal and professional correspondence received and sent by Corden throughout his adult life. The series has been divided by names that reflect the original arrangement of the materials. Correspondences with distinguished and well-known economists have been grouped together into separate files. These files document Corden's ongoing relationships with particular scholars.

Distinguished Economists: The older generation, 1970-2000

Includes correspondence with John Hicks; Jacob viner; Roy Harrod; James Tobin; Bob Solow; Bertil Ohlin; Tibor Scitovsky; Fritz Machlup; Herb Stein; Gottfried Haberler; Robert Triffin; Ian Little; Jack Polak.

Box 2
Letters from well-known Economists (My generation), 1968-1985

Includes correspondence with Bela Balassa; Paul Krugman; Richard Lipsey; Mancur Olson; Rudi Dornbusch; John Williamson; Donald Brash; Ronald McKinnon.

Box 2
Well-known economists, 1988-2001

Includes correspondence with Amartya Sen; Geoff Harcourt; Arvind Panagarya; Bill Branson; Anne Krueger; Bill Ethier; Dani Rodrik; Jagdish Bhagwati; Al Harberger; Robert Gordon; John Harsanyi; Maurice Obstfeld; Jeff Frankel; Alan Walters; Michael Bruno; Ronald Findlay; Jim Mirrlees; Richard Caves; Paul Krugman; Bob Baldwin; Herbert Giersch; Bela Balassa; Doug Irwin; Barry Eichengreen; John Williamson; Ron Jones; Mancur Olson; Tad Rybczynski; Kelvin Lancaster;.

Box 2
Harry Johnson, 1964-1976
Box 2
Harry Johnson-obituaries, 1970s,2000s

Includes Harry Johnson's autobiographical notes, and various obituaries and articles on Harry Johnson.

Box 2
James Meade, 1957-1996

Includes correspondence with James Meade and Margaret Meade with all handwritten letters.

Box 2
James Meade-obituaries, 1990s

Includes articles, name list, and newspapers to James Meade obituaries.

Box 2
Gottfried Haberler, 1975,1990s

Includes table of contents of GH's selected essays; a sketch of his life by Herbert Furth 1990; Samuelson's speech on Haberler's 90th Birthday; Washington Post obituary 1995.

Box 2
Charlie Kindleberger, 1966-2001

Includes correspondence with Charlie Kindleberger.

Box 2
Bob Mundell, 1965-2000

Includes correspondence with Bob Mundell; CV of RAM; Nobel Prize 1999.

Box 2
Carlos Diaz Alejandro, 1965-1985

Includes correspondence with Carlos Diaz Alejandro.

Box 2
Herb Grubel, 1969-1986

Includes correspondence with Herb Grubel on visits; theory; comments on papers and books; politics; family.

Box 2
John Black, 1985-2000

Includes correspondence with John Black and the history of international economics study group (IESG).

Box 2

7. Correspondence, 1957-2002

This series contains more general correspondence from different countries and phases of Corden's life.

Early correspondence, 1957-1963

Includes early correspondence with Ragnar Nurkse; John Black; Harry Johnson; Maurice Scott; Tad Rybczynski; Sir Donald McDougall; Jacob Viner.

Box 2
UK and Ireland correspondence, 1966-1985

Includes correspondence with David Butt; Tad Rybczynski; Inland Revenue; Dept of Environment; Leslie Dicks-Mireaux; Wynne Godley; Peter Neary; Geoffrey Wood.

Box 2
Canada correspondence, 1966-1985

Includes correspondence with Rick Brecher; Martin Prachowny; David Slater; Boadway; Ron Wonnacott; James Markusen; Tony Little; Barbara Spencer; John Young; John Dales; Tony Scott; David Laidler; Clark Leith.

Box 2
Europe and Asia Correspondence, 1967-1985

Includes correspondence with Yung Chul Park; Kiyoshi Abe; Yoshio Okube; Mitsuaki Okabe; Shigeto Tsuru; Nikko Securities; Lex Reitsma; Geeven; Knoester; Jacques Pelkmans; Ketting; Theo Peeters; Luis Gamir; Michael Schmid; Herbert Giersch and Hubertus Muller-Groeling; Kurt von Rabenau; Egon Sohmen; Gerhard Fels; Antonio Aquino; Giorgi Basevi; Ricardo Ffrench-Davis; Joe Mensah; Manuel Porto.

Box 2
Correspondence with IMF economists, 1974-1984

Includes correspondence with Jacques (Jack) Polak; Rhattan Bhatia; Anthony Lanyi; Patrick de Fontenay; Bert Prowse; Gunnar Tomasson; Malcolm Knight; Jean van der Mensbrugghe; the Fund library.

Box 2
International correspondence (SAIS period), 1988-2002

Includes correspondence with Tatsuo Hatta; Oli Havrylyshyn; Arye (Leo) Hillman; Warren Young; Luis Gamir; Central Bank of Sri Lanka; Phedon Nicolaides; Dr. Balakrishnan; Henryk Kierzkowski; Wontack Hong; Changmo Ahn; Harald Hagemann; Gerhard Narbeshuber; Various Students; Mitsuaki Okabe; Chung Ju-Yung; Joe Mensah; Richard Lipsey.

Box 2
UK Correspondence (SAIS Period), 1989-2001

Includes correspondence with Andrew Crockett; Tim Congdon; CEPR; David de Meza; Christopher Green; Henry Scott; Peter Sinclair; Hans Singer; Norman Gemmell; Ha-Joon Chang; Michele Silberston; Humphrey Maud; John Flemming; Tong Courakis; Frank Stephen; Geoff Wood.

Box 2
Oxford correspondence, 1978-2002

Includes correspondence with Norman Chester; Maurice Scott; Christopher Bliss; Chelly Halsey; Ian Little; Tony Atkinson; Ruth Seton; Jim Mirrlees; Francis Seton.

Box 3
US Correspondence, 1966-1985

Includes correspondence with Naim El Sherbiny; John Letiche; University of Chicago Press; T N Srinivasan; Ron Findlay; World Bank; Mel Krauss; Henry G; Jimmy Hillman; Stanley Black; Peter Gray; Benton Massell; Dean Rosett; Dean Lewis; Bill Branson; Richard Caves; Bill Ethier; Mark Perlman; Neil de Marchi; Katherine Ford; F Modigliani and Pentti Kouri; Mrs. Krause; Walter Salant; Bob Aliber and Jacob Frenkel; Ron Jones; Bob Baldwin; Chung Lee; Jeffrey Sachs; Dani Rodrik; Richard Cooper; Polly Allen; Ron Jones; Lawrence Krause; Wing T. Woo; Steve Turnovsky.

Box 3
US Correspondence, 1986-2000

Includes comments on WMC papers or books from Mohsin Khan; Ray Riezman; David Feldman; Patrick Conway; Sai-Wiong Ho; Neil Vousden; Eric Gustafson; Bill Kramer; Bob Aliber.

Box 3
Former Oxford students' correspondence, 1969-1982

Includes letters from David Cameron, David Higham, Richard Bruton, Christopher Smallwood, Chris Green, Alan Richeimer, Simon Brooks, Kim Riley, Peng Teh and Richard Marston

Box 3

8. Publications by WMC, 1958-2001

This series includes materials from Corden's books, articles, edited works, and miscellaneous writings, including his book reviews, draft comments, outlines, and other essays.

Corden Books incl. My Five Books

Includes correspondence with John Black; French edition; Heinz Arndt; Dean Rosett; Okabe; UCP; advertisements; reviews.

Box 3
Too sensational-MIT press, 2000-2001

Includes material concerned with writing and production of th book.

Box 3
Book reviews by WMC, 1958-2001

Includes 27 book reviews by WMC from 1958 to 2001.

Box 3
About some (3) finished publications, 1974-1976

Includes inflation and the exchange rate regime 1976; the implications of a rise in the price of oil 1974; Corden and Findlay 1975.

Box 3
Correspondence on finished papers, 1966-1976

Includes correspondence on finished papers with JPE 1966 ERP; Economica 1967; Princeton Survey 1965; RES Two Sector Growth; Mundell-Swoboda conference paper on LDCs and Monetary Reform; Jones-Corden paper; Costs and Consequences of Protection 1975; JIE Customs Union Theory and Non-Uniformity of Tariffs 1976.

Box 3
Correspondence on finished papers, 1988-2000

Includes correspondence on 1987 IMF Occasional Paper; 1990 New Palgrave Money and Finance; 1990 SAIS Review; 1996 Australian tariff history; 1997 Tanzi paper; 1998 Vousden; 1999 Reprinting of Asian Crisis; 1999 Asian Crisis; 2000 Exchange rate politics in Latin America.

Box 3
Correspondence about effective protection, 1968-1985

Includes correspondence with Bela Balassa; Ruffin; Ethier; Michael Bruno; David Humphries; Munthe; Wing T Woo; Graham Davis.

Box 3
Letters about my publications, 1965-1986

Includes letters about WMC publications from Melvyn Krauss; Charlie Kindleberger; John Williamson; Robert Gordon; Ron Jones; Stan Engerman; Herb Grubel; Osterkamp; Oberlander; Pranab Bardhan; Steve Magee; Walter Salant; Geoffrey Wood; Elizabeth Johnson; Dean of Chicago Business School; Munck; Ikema; Fritz Machlup; Dick Cooper; Akira Iida; Peter Kenen; Charles Cooper; Jacob Frenkel; Jorge de Macedo; Ron Findlay; Shelagh Heffernan;

Box 3
LSE PhD Thesis, 1956, 2006

Includes letter to Steve Tokarick and the thesis.

Box 3
Comments on draft of North-Holland handbook chapter, 1982-1983
Box 3
Essays and occasional papers, 1965-1996

Includes essays on monetary integration, protectionism, macroeconomic policies in seven east asian economies, and international trade.

Box 3

9. Reviews of WMC Books, 1970s-2004

This series contains reviews made by other scholars on Corden's books. The summary sheet from each file also contains Corden's own comments on these reviews.

Reviews: The thoery of protection, 1970s

Includes reviews of the book from H Makower; Peter Lloyd; Trent Bertrand; Robert Baldwin; Ruffin; Ralph Turvey; Wipp;Dermot McAleese; Lynden Briscoe; Anon.

Box 3
Reviews: Trade policy and economic welfare

Includes reviews of the book from Krueger; Rodriguez; Stern; Bob Gregory; Harry Johnson; Flammang; Hufbauer; Pearce; Briscoe; Steinherr; Bhagwati.

Box 3
Reviews: Inflation, exchange rates, and the world economy

Includes reviews of the book from A J Brown; Haberler; Williamson; McKinnon; Whitman; The Economist; Hallwood; Tower; Lanyi; Pryce; Berkowitz; Wood; Mullen; Dehem; Safr; Higgins; Strange; Anon; Bulmer-Thomas.

Box 3
Reviews: Too sensational, 2002-2004

Includes reviews from John Williamson; Morris Goldstein; Adam Posen; George Tavlas; Roberto Rigobon; Ed Tower; Jaewon Lee; O.Jeanne.

Box 3
Reviews: Boom, Crisis, and Adjustment, 1993

Includes reviews from Rodrik; Bleaney; Naude; David Henderson; Martin Wolf; Hal Hill; Singleton; Luraschi; Cole; Helleiner.

Box 3
Reviews of "other books", 1985-2001

Includes reviews of other books from Ira Gang; Anne Krueger; Brian Hindley; F V Meyer; M G Phelps; C J Siegman; Singer; M O Clement; Martin Wolf; Ron McKinnon; Gallarotti; Nicolaides; Maneschi; Brenton; Grinols; Kym Anderson; David Henderson; Jim Perkins; George McKenzie; Zhen Kun Wang; Basevi; Chandra Athukorala; Peter Drake.

Box 3

Historical Note

Excerpted from Wikipedia:

Warner Max Corden (born 1927) is an Australian economist. He is mostly known for his work on the theory of trade protection, including the development of the dutch disease model of international trade. He has also been active in the fields of international monetary systems, macroeconomic policies of developing countries, and Australian economics. Corden, originally German, emigrated from Nazi Germany to Melbourne in 1939.

Corden graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1950 and obtained his Ph.D. in economics at the London School of Economics (1956). He was subsequently Nuffield Reader in International Economics and Fellow of Nuffield College at Oxford University, and from 1977 to 1988 he was Professor of Economics at the Australian National University. Furthermore, he was Senior Advisor in the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund from 1986 until 1988.

He then became professor and, later on, Chung Ju Yung Distinguished Professor of International Economics at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University until he retired in late 2002. He is currently Emeritus Professor of International Economics at SAIS and a Professorial Fellow in the Department of Economics of the University of Melbourne.

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The Warner Max Corden Papers were received by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library as a gift in 2016.

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